6 Questions to Ask Yourself if You’re Considering Abortion

17 Jan, 2018


6 Questions to Ask Yourself if You’re Considering Abortion


Any pregnancy is scary, even if you’ve been planning to become pregnant. But when it’s unplanned or unexpected, the prospect of caring for a child can be daunting and alienating. It’s hard to know what to do in that situation, especially if it’s something you’ve never gone through before. Should you ever find yourself in […]

Stop Trying to Keep Up with the Joneses: Financial Tips for 20 Somethings

20 Dec, 2017


Financial Tips for 20 Somethings


We live in a world where we’re trying harder to keep up with the Kardashians than we are to keep up with our savings accounts. Sometimes, it seems as if we care more about how we’re perceived on social media and by our friends than caring about our well-being – both financially and emotionally. Let’s […]

When Judgment is a Good Thing

14 Dec, 2017


When Judgment is a Good Thing


When you think of the word “judgment,” what probably comes to mind is you or someone else criticizing a person on their behaviors, choices, actions or even appearance. While judgment is often perceived as a negative action, it’s actually a very important thing to have. Your judgment is made up of your morals, values, and […]

The Rules of Engagement

05 Oct, 2017


The Rules of Engagement


Get the how, when, and why for using technology in relationships.   First things first: technology and digital content has tremendously accelerated our society. In 2017, not only are we able to receive both world and local news in literal seconds, but our digital society has also given people the opportunity to connect with others […]

Swipe Right on Healthy Relationships

28 Sep, 2017


Swipe Right on Healthy Relationships


Why Tinder isn’t the best way to meet and build meaningful relationships If you’ve used the popular dating app, Tinder, in the past, you probably are aware of how demeaning the process can be. Constantly judging and being judged solely on appearances can take a toll on your self-esteem above other things. Tinder fuels the […]

STD Myths: Debunked

05 Sep, 2017


STD Myths: Debunked


With how common STDs have become among teens and young adults, there seems to be a lot of confusing information out there on the Internet – some of it true, some, not so much. This list will debunk some common STD myths, so that you can become more educated about your sexual health and continue […]

5 Things to Do if You Think You’re Pregnant

29 Aug, 2017

Maybe you’ve recently had unprotected sex, missed a few birth control pills, or experienced a condom failure. You’re worried sick… and can’t shake the feeling that something is off. You wonder: “Am I pregnant?”   During this confusing, emotional time, your mind might be racing, without any idea of what to do next. Before you […]

What Women’s Health Really Means: What Does Abortion Do To The Body?

16 May, 2017


What Does Abortion Do To The Body


In today’s culture, people who speak out against abortion risk being called “anti-woman”, regardless of their sense of morality. It’s one thing to be personally opposed to abortion, but to impose that others be opposed is an entirely different situation. Many argue that the “pro-choice” agenda is integral to women’s sexual equality and well-being. However, […]

Are you a part of healthy relationships?

05 Apr, 2017


Are you a part of healthy relationships


Forming valuable relationships is an essential step toward a rewarding life. Relationships are an integral part of being human, and constructive relationships have the potential to improve your livelihood. Whether the relationship is long-term or a newly formed friendship, they should always be completely respectful. In an unhealthy relationship, the other person will often:   […]

Reactive vs. Responsive: How We Deal with Relationship Conflict

13 Mar, 2017


How We Deal with Relationship Conflict


Two people can’t be expected to agree on absolutely everything, all the time. In fact, conflict is a normal and necessary component of any healthy relationship. People often disagree over things that seem trivial: ideas, desires, motivations, values and perceptions. When conflict triggers strong feelings, differing personal needs are usually the root of the problem. […]