accidental pregnancy

Accidents happen every day. But some accidents reverberate much longer than others. An accidental pregnancy qualifies as a major life-changing event. However, Turning Point’s unique, one-on-one counseling, pregnancy-related medical care and proven programs and services can help any woman turn a so-called accident into one of the most character-building episodes of her entire life.

When faced with an accidental pregnancy, the natural “reflex response” is part emotional, part physical and also part spiritual. And in many cases, they’re all entirely negative. When a woman faces an accidental pregnancy without a proper support system or someone to talk to, it’s understandable that she becomes moody, withdrawn and detached. But that shouldn’t be the accepted response to an accidental pregnancy. Case in point: more than half of all pregnancies in the United States can be classified as unplanned or accidental.

There are many reasons for an accidental pregnancy:

  •          Defective birth control (no method is entirely 100% foolproof)
  •          Medicinal carelessness
  •          Lack of planning
  •          Differences in opinion on when to start a family
  •          Poor education, planning and other resources on pregnancy and motherhood
  •          And many more

Turning Point helps any woman in San Diego County with crisis pregnancies, including accidental pregnancies. Through our focused outreach, compassionate counseling and honest, open (including an open heart) communication, we’re helping woman throughout Southern California redefine accidental pregnancy as a “surprise pregnancy” – not the end of the world, but rather an opportunity for both mother and child to prosper and thrive without fear, guilt or uncertainty.

If you’re dealing with an unplanned pregnancy, getting help can be challenging. Fear, confusion and frustration cause many women to retreat into a protective bubble. And to seek “professional pregnancy help” may sound too clinical, too “official,” and too demanding. However, the Turning Point Pregnancy Resource Center has helped San Diego County-area women for a generation with down-to-earth, effective counseling, community-based resources, parental mentorship programs and much more. Think you don’t have any resources for an unplanned or unwanted pregnancy? Thank again!

Turning Point can help. But first, you can help yourself by calling us today at (858) 397-1970.

Proven, Proactive & Professional Pregnancy Help – Just a Phone Call Away!

There isn’t a definitive resource or user’s manual for dealing with an unplanned pregnancy. That’s the bad news. However, the good news is that Turning Point can provide crucial guidance, support and a friend who understands your circumstances – someone who will listen to your unique situation. After all, if everybody’s unwanted pregnancy was the same, the resources and assistance would already be in place. But your unplanned pregnancy is one-of-a-kind. Turning Point’s personalized counseling, medical care and other initiatives give you the confidence and attentive support you need.

Turning Point offers unwanted pregnancy resources for any woman in San Diego County. While family support is crucial, Turning Point’s professional pregnancy help offers medical assistance, counseling and community-based referrals – all free of charge!

Dealing with an unplanned pregnancy is tough enough; don’t make it harder on yourself without having professional pregnancy help and proven, effective counseling. The Turning Point Pregnancy Resource Center provides a thorough “Patient Experience” process, where we conduct a pregnancy test, ultrasound (if eligible), registered nurse health assessment, client advocate meeting and much more. All of our services comprise the most complete and comprehensive unwanted pregnancy resources in San Diego County, and they are absolutely free.

Don’t delay in getting professional pregnancy help and assistance. An accidental pregnancy is different for each woman, and your situation has a positive outcome – and Turning Point can provide the roadmap to get your there. Please call our office today at (858) 397-1970.

pregnancy termination

An unexpected pregnancy usually has more questions than answers. Some of the toughest questions deal with pregnancy termination options and abortion info. Faced with a sudden crisis, many women immediately consider abortion as a primary option – sometimes, the only option.

You may be faced with an unplanned pregnancy. Some friends or family members might’ve suggested abortion as the best course of action. And you may have already looked at info on where to get an abortion. But before making a final decision, it’s best to get all the information. Our clinic includes counselors who’ve helped hundreds of women in your exact situation, including some recovering from the emotional and physical effects of having an abortion.

If you think you’re up to speed on abortion info, it never hurts to get a second opinion – or a first opinion! Turning Point’s compassionate, caring, non-judgmental setting is the ideal place to discuss your situation, including pregnancy termination options.

Get Abortion Info, Helpful Counseling, Free Medical Attention and More – All at Turning Point!

The Turning Point Pregnancy Resource Center is here to support any woman who needs help, regardless of her situation or what her past experiences entail – including abortion. If you’re struggling with an unplanned pregnancy and need someone to talk to, we’re here to help. When faced with possible pregnancy termination options, please call us before making your final decision. With many options available, you’d be surprised at how just one phone call has made meaningful, life-long change for women all over San Diego County.

The consequences of a terminated pregnancy impact many people, with multi-generational impact. Before you end your pregnancy, consider the following after-effects:

  • Emotional trauma. An abortion is an intensely personal decision, and many women struggle with the aftermath – for weeks, months, even years.
  • Physical pain. As we’ve discussed before in the Turning Point blog, an abortion’s impact isn’t purely psychological or emotional; there are many negative physical outcomes, as well. Some of these physical concerns can affect future pregnancies, should a woman choose to become a mother later in life.
  • Family matters. A woman and her unborn child aren’t the only ones affected by abortion; the highly controversial nature of the act usually adds extra strain on family relationships, from mothers and fathers to grandparents to siblings and more.
  • Spiritual toll. One of the often-overlooked aspects of abortion is how it can create a spiritual deficit. Regardless of your faith – or even if you’re not particularly spiritual – abortion leaves a lasting legacy that can alter your spiritual and religious life.

Studies have shown that post-abortion grief is real: In fact, when talking about pregnancy termination options, you should consider some of the physical, emotional and psychological risks. Up to half of all women in the immediate post-abortion period experience insomnia, depression and other negative psychological and physiological symptoms. Before you act, get all the facts. Contact Turning Point today.

One of the most important things to remember about terminating a pregnancy is that you have someone to confide in – and someone to talk with, openly and honestly – with Turning Point. And it doesn’t matter whether you’re contemplating an abortion, or you’ve already had one; our compassionate and caring counselors are always here to offer a helping hand when you need it most. Many women in San Diego County have experienced similar emotions and experiences as you have. But no two situations are exactly the same, and that’s why it helps to have a resource like Turning Point. We won’t judge, regardless of where your crisis pregnancy has taken you. We’re here to help – and we’d like to hear your story.

Making the right decision for you requires patience, persistence – and a passionate audience that will look out for your best interests. Plus, Turning Point also provides a wealth of knowledge and real-life experience that pertains to your crisis pregnancy. Terminating a pregnancy is a life-altering event. Make sure you have all the facts beforehand. And even if you’ve already terminated a pregnancy, we’ll offer an ideal environment to help you recover and get back on your feet.

Don’t make an uninformed decision. Call Turning Point today at 858-397-1970. There are plenty of options beyond pregnancy termination, and we’d love to explore all the possibilities with you. Thanks for reading the Turning Point blog – we look forward to helping you today!

What to do if you're pregnant

Out of all the questions we receive, “What to do if you’re pregnant” is one of the most common. Women contact us in various states of vulnerability – some women aren’t exactly sure what the next steps are, while other women are in “panic mode” and simply need a guiding hand. Regardless of where you’ve come from or what your situation is, the Turning Point Pregnancy Resource Center offers unplanned pregnancy options, a safe and confidential environment, caring counselors and a community referral network for broad-based support.

We provide free pregnancy tests to verify your pregnancy. If you’re eligible for an ultrasound, Turning Point also provides ultrasound exams (free of charge) to determine the gestational age. Once we’ve gathered all pertinent information, your options for an unwanted pregnancy are discussed in a completely confidential, totally caring environment. No pressure to act now. No harsh judgments of why you’re here. No “take it or leave it” mentality – just personal, attentive one-on-one, woman-to-woman discussion. We put you in charge of your unplanned pregnancy options, not the other way around.

Our compassionate, nurturing and friendly pregnancy counselors empower any woman who seeks our help. Turning Point will ultimately help you decide what to do if you’re pregnant, even if your family and friends won’t.

More Viewpoints: What NOT To Do If You’re Pregnant

Turning Point can help you plan the next critical days, weeks and months ahead following an unwanted or unplanned pregnancy. Yet before any of this assistance becomes available, you have to be willing the first step, and that’s asking for help. Turning Point’s main clinic in Miramar (northern San Diego) and our Mobile Pregnancy Clinic in Mountain view (southern San Diego) provide completely free and 100% confidential crisis pregnancy assistance.

If you’re pregnant, getting help at Turning Point is a smart idea. Practicing optimal nutritional habits (for both you and baby) is also a recommended course of action. But what shouldn’t you do? Here’s a checklist of things you should avoid at all costs:

  • Panic. A crisis pregnancy has enough drama, stress and what-ifs to give you more than you can handle. Going into “panic mode” only increases the tension, and makes it more difficult to make sound decisions.
  • Keep it to yourself. Want to make an existing problem worse? Don’t tell anyone. Many crisis pregnancies are compounded by taking a silent approach. Back to our previous point: you can always receive help at Turning Point, but you have to ask for it! Visitors are always welcome.
  • Do nothing. Inaction is negative action. Some women wait for weeks, only to make a decision they end up regretting for a lifetime. Other women enter motherhood with no plan for their life and their baby’s well-being. When all else fails, get help. Speak up. Don’t let an unplanned pregnancy control you; take control back by taking action!
  • Continue bad habits. Poor lifestyle choices like smoking and excessive drinking aren’t only bad for you, but they can spell trouble for your baby. Birth defects, low birth weight, premature births and other complications could stem from unhealthy lifestyle habits.

Options for an Unwanted Pregnancy – Explore Your Choices at Turning Point

If you’re not sure what to do if you’re pregnant, contact the Turning Point Pregnancy Resource Center today. When you’re figuring out your options for an unwanted pregnancy, the important thing is to receive professional pregnancy help immediately. Our medical personnel, counselors, and other staff will make your experience as comfortable and confidential as possible.

Explore your unplanned pregnancy options. Get the help you need. Your situation is not hopeless; we’ve helped thousands of women in San Diego County since opening our doors in 2000, and our counselors will work with you to determine the next steps.

If you’re not sure what to do if you’re pregnant, here’s a suggestion: call Turning Point. Our representatives can discuss your situation and get you help ASAP. Call our office at 858-397-1970. We look forward to hearing from you!

preparing for your first visit

An unexpected pregnancy can be a dilemma on many different levels – personal, financial, spiritual, emotional…and medical.

For most women, the immediate medical considerations of an unplanned pregnancy weigh heavily. That initial medical consultation can be fraught with fear of the unknown, questions about personal privacy and other concerns.

How to prepare for your first consultation isn’t something that’s regularly discussed, and this post will help to dispel some misunderstandings, discuss specific procedures and also offer encouragement. Receiving medical services and advice can be cause for concern, but Turning Point’s caring, compassionate culture ensures that every woman is given the utmost respect along with the best possible care.

Battling the Butterflies: Considerations for your Turning Point Medical Consultation

Before you experience a Turning Point consultation, it helps to frame your immediate future with positive reinforcement. Here are three encouraging thoughts that will help put your mind at ease.

  • Realize you’re in good hands. Turning Point’s medical assistance is just one part of our overall support system for women involved in unexpected pregnancies. From free pregnancy tests to ultrasounds, our goal is to provide women who need help a confidential and caring setting to talk about their issue, receive medical attention and move forward in a positive, constructive manner.
  • You’ve already made the right decision. An imminent medical appointment can be daunting. Many women immediately relive their past mistakes, making the present moment more difficult than it has to be. Before your Turning Point meeting, give yourself some credit. The best possible future is already underway – you’ve contacted Turning Point and made an effort to receive assistance. Regardless of past decisions, your choice to turn toward Turning Point puts your needs first.
  • Don’t worry about costs. A sudden pregnancy often leads to “pocketbook panic.” All of Turning Point’s services – including your upcoming medical attention – are completely free.

Turning Point’s Medical Attention – A Brief Primer

So what happens during your Turning Point visit? This part of the process comes after initial meetings, where you’ll complete some paperwork, meet your Client Advocate, provide a urine sample for a pregnancy test and also talk about additional options regarding your situation.

At this point, your formal medical evaluation at Turning Point begins. Here are the crucial steps involved:

  • Our on-staff Nurse Manager conducts a health assessment, which usually takes less than a half-hour.
  • Assuming you’re eligible for an ultrasound exam, you are then escorted to our medical exam room for the ultrasound.
  • After the ultrasound, you have a follow-up meeting with your Client Advocate.
  • During this meeting, you’ll receive important information to help you make the best possible decision and answer any additional questions. We listen to your unique situation and offer resources and options tailored to meet your needs.
  • If you request a follow-up meeting, we will contact you in the near future to check on your status, discuss additional options and answer any other questions you may have.

The total time of your medical evaluation and consultation ranges anywhere from 45 minutes to about 2 hours, depending if you opt (and are eligible for) an ultrasound exam. The Turning Point Pregnancy Resource Center regards every medical consultation as a completely confidential process.

We hope this information helps answer your questions about your first Turning Point visit. For any questions or concerns, please call our office at 858-397-1970.



Support Programs for Pregnant Teens

The Turning Point Pregnancy Resource Center provides internal programs to assist women in crisis pregnancies. Our Earn While You Learn (EWYL) service provides training, education and financial assistance. But EWYL is just one of many programs for women in San Diego County and throughout California.
Unexpected or crisis pregnancies are two principal reasons which deter women from pursuing higher education. A sudden pregnancy also presents upcoming challenges for daycare, health coverage and other pressing needs.
Which programs can help ease the transition for mother and child, both during and after the pregnancy? Here are a few support systems that mentor, educate, support and encourage women from pregnancy to motherhood.

Medi-Cal Access Infant Program
The Medi-Cal Access Infant Program assists tens of thousands of California women and children every year.
• Emergency services
• Paternity
• Newborn Care
• Breastfeeding Education
San Diego-area women and their families can apply for Medi-Cal Access Infant Program services online.
• $1 – average co-payment for doctor’s visit
• $2 – average drug prescription or refill cost
• 51% – children make up over half of all Medi-Cal recipients
• 7,000,000 – average monthly enrollment in Medi-Cal medical programs
• 75% – percentage of people still receiving Medi-Cal coverage after one year in program
Source: Medi-Cal Facts & Figures publication

Postpartum Support Group
Postpartum depression is a serious health issue for new mothers. The Pregnant / Postpartum Moms Support Group, run by a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. To join, visit their community page. The group currently supports about 40 women, but there is no maximum student enrollment – join today!
• About 1 in 8 mothers suffer postpartum issues
• $5 – lowest fee to join class (sliding scale)
• 90 minute sessions, once per month
Source: Pregnant / Postpartum Moms Support Group homepage

Women in Defense Horizons Scholarship
If you’re considering a career in the U.S. military or national defense, this scholarship can help offset college costs. The WID was established in 1979, and they have a long track record of assisting young mothers and pregnant women.
• $500 minimum for each scholarship
• 37-year track record of helping women and mothers with higher education
• More than 125 scholarships awarded since 1990
• Over $268,000 in scholarship money donated
• $20,000 – largest single scholarship awarded by WID Horizons program
Source: WID website

CalWORKS Insurance
Available for all California residents, the CalWORKS insurance program include
• cash aid,
• food assistance,
• medical services, cooking
• nutrition tips and more.
CalWORKS is accessed through CalWIN, California’s online benefit program. Young women can receive benefits while going to school for a new career.
• 174,000 – number of people enrolled in CalWORKS Welfare to Work program
• 2.3% of San Diego County residents receive benefits
• 7,700 – number of teen mothers receiving Cal-Learn educational assistance
Source: CalWorks Data page

First 5 First Steps Home Visiting Program
The First Steps initiative helps young mothers with children ages 0-3. Health-based services are available, along with mentoring and ongoing support. Run by First 5 San Diego, this program includes home visits, consultations to locate dependable medical care and other services.
Visit the Home Visiting Program website for contact information, how to apply and other information. The First Steps program assists about 90,000 San Diegans annually. Plus, they help approximately 12,000 children and 3,000 mothers in San Diego enroll in health insurance.
• 90,000 – number of San Diego County residents assisted
• 3,000 – number of mothers enrolled in health insurance
• 12,000 – number of children enrolled in health insurance
Source: First Steps statistics

Scholarships 4 Moms
This organization awards a $10,000 financial aid scholarship to single and married women who are pregnant or have children. Since 2005, Scholarships 4 Moms has awarded more than $800,000. Registration is fast and easy, and numerous women have benefitted – read their testimonials here.

• Over $800,000 – scholarship money awarded since 2005
• $10,000 – amount of financial aid scholarship
• $0 – cost of registration
Source: Scholarships 4 Moms statistics

facts and myths birth control

A memorable Winston Churchill quote (Sir Winston had many) about guarding essential intelligence during wartime was: “Truth is so precious that she should always be attended by a bodyguard of lies.” In other words, misinformation wasn’t necessarily a bad thing, as long as it protected the truly vital and important information.

The same could be said about the facts and myths surrounding birth control.

Women in crisis pregnancies can experience severe emotional turmoil, and the false information about birth control just makes the situation worse.

The “bodyguard of lies” that accompanies discussion about birth control might as well be a full army. It’s very difficult to process information about a subject, when half the time (or more) the initial data is skewed toward one particular point of view.

Let’s set the record straight about birth control from a fact-based, objective point of view.

How to Cope

Pregnancy loss or miscarriage is one of the most devastating circumstances a woman has to face. The loss hurts on so many levels: emotionally, physically, spiritually and more. Perhaps more than anything else, it’s the connection a would-be mother has with her unborn child. Even though mother and baby never got to enjoy each other’s company on a personal level, there was still a bond that existed – a bond that only a woman who has experienced pregnancy loss can explain.

Time Heals All Wounds?

As the well-known saying goes, “time heals all wounds.” But does it, really? In this case, some women never truly “get over” a pregnancy loss. And that’s OK. I personally know a lady who has endured a pair of miscarriages. Every year, she marks the dates of her losses with a special tribute to her children – the children she never had. Thousands of women all across the country deal with their grief in similar ways.

Everybody handles their emotions differently, but there’s a common link among all recoveries from pregnancy loss. Before looking at different ways to cope, let’s look at four common stages of recovery.

Unplanned Pregnancies Infogrpahic

Unplanned Pregnancies Infographic

Unplanned Pregnancies – Relevant Statistics & Resources to Help [Infographic]

Unplanned pregnancies are a serious issue for women, with resounding impact for others involved – fathers, children, parents, grandparents and more. To grasp the full scale of the topic, let’s look at some rather staggering statistics – as you can see, unplanned pregnancies have most likely affected friends and relatives, and perhaps your immediate family.

sleeping newborn

Unplanned. Unwanted. Unexpected. Those three terms are the most common descriptors for any pregnancy that comes as a surprise. Depending on a woman’s specific situation, any one of those three could possibly apply. And there are instances where, incredibly enough, all three could describe a pregnancy.

Given the emotional involved with this type of pregnancy – not to mention the  situation a woman finds herself in – we thought it would be helpful to offer some facts on unplanned, unwanted and unexpected pregnancies.

These statistics offer a sobering assessment of crisis pregnancies in Southern California and throughout the United States. While the sheer data seems to create an overwhelming sense of hopelessness for a woman involved in a crisis pregnancy, please understand that there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. Here are some facts regarding unwanted, unexpected and unplanned pregnancies in the U.S.

  • 9 out of every 10 abortions in the United States are the result of an unwanted pregnancy.
  • 84% of women who’ve had an abortion say they would’ve kept their babies if their situation had been different (planned pregnancy, better support, etc.).
  • Over 40% of births from fathers less than 24 years old are unplanned. That figure is similar with women.
  • Nearly half of all community college students (48%) are pregnant, or have gotten somebody pregnant. This could be due to the generally higher average age of community college attendants.
  • About 55% of unplanned pregnancies happened to women in their 20s.
  • Over 40% of births from mothers less than 24 years old are unplanned. That figure is similar with fathers.

Those are some of the facts involving an unexpected pregnancy. But what about the opinions – specifically, your own? If you’re unsure of how to proceed, or who to trust, or what to do, please know that the Turning Point Pregnancy Resource Center has the personnel, experience and programs in place to help you overcome the obstacles and empower you with practical choices.

Beyond the cold hard facts about unplanned and unwanted pregnancies, there’s yet another element involved that impacts women all throughout San Diego County, and all over the world – the emotional aspect of crisis pregnancies.

Facts are one thing – and emotions are quite another. We’ve offered plenty of stats and facts above, but women like you also require a stable setting and a safe haven to discuss their current situation, and also what steps to take in the near future. Turning Point’s comprehensive resources, tools and personnel are specifically designed to help women in situations just like yours – and unwanted, unexpected or unplanned pregnancy.

Add up the facts and emotion behind a crisis pregnancy, and you’re faced with a complex, seemingly insurmountable obstacle between you and a “normal” life. Turning Point understands the “new normal” of an unwanted or unplanned pregnancy, both from a factual and emotional point of view. Our counselors have assisted thousands of women, and we’d love to help you, too. But the first step is a courageous one – you have to be willing to trust someone you’ve probably never met before. Turning Point extends our love, compassion and heartfelt sympathy to you – and that is one fact we know is always true!

The Turning Point Pregnancy Resource Center offers no-cost, comprehensive medical care, guidance and support for women all across San Diego County. To learn more, please call our office at (858) 397-1970, or send an email to our crisis pregnancy consultants at