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When you think of the word “judgment,” what probably comes to mind is you or someone else criticizing a person on their behaviors, choices, actions or even appearance. While judgment is often perceived as a negative action, it’s actually a very important thing to have. Your judgment is made up of your morals, values, and everything in life that you believe in. You need a good sense of judgment to make active choices in your life, especially when it comes to your sexuality and all the responsibilities and implications that come with choosing to be sexually active.


1. Self-restraint

Depending on where you are in life and your own personal values, it’s totally normal if you choose to stay abstinent in your relationship. Remember, using your best judgment to remain abstinent is a choice that only you can make for yourself. A lot of responsibility comes with having sex – like the possibility of contracting STDs, getting pregnant or the heartache if the relationship doesn’t work out. If you’re not in a place where you feel comfortable taking those risks, especially with someone who is not your spouse, that’s where your judgment comes into play. Use your judgment when choosing who to date, the friends you hang out with, and how you spend your free time. Making those judgment calls can be much easier initially, rather than getting into a situation you’re not comfortable with and trying to say no. However, be firm in your judgment and remember that you are in control of your decisions.


2. Pregnancy Help

If you are facing an unplanned pregnancy and don’t know what to do next, that’s okay! This is another great example where your judgment can be extremely beneficial. Who you choose to confide in can make a positive difference in this journey. Outside of close family and friends, pregnancy medical clinics or resource centers are a great place to get your questions answered, as well as receive confidential support. Having a support system you can trust is imperative during such an important (and seemingly scary) part of your life. If you don’t feel like you have a great support system, or if you’re worried that if you tell family members or friends that rumors might spread, use your best judgment on where to place your trust.


At Turning Point PRC, we can be your support system. Our caring, trained medical professionals are waiting with open arms. Not only does our center offer free lab-quality testing, ultrasounds, support counseling and community referrals, we’ll supply you with all the information you need to make the best decision for yourself, all in a safe and confidential environment.


3. Abortion

Women facing unplanned pregnancy have different options when it comes to deciding what to do next. If you’re considering abortion, utilize your best judgment by evaluating all the information you have. There is an overwhelming amount of information and opinions out there regarding abortion, but part of using your best judgement is doing your research and making an informed decision. That’s something Turning Point PRC can help with as we talk with women about their options each day and provide them with factual and objective information about abortion procedures.


Something to be cautious of when considering abortion are the effects the procedures could have on your mental and physical health. If the fetal development is past two months, it is likely that you will need a surgical procedure to terminate the pregnancy. Surgical abortions can lead to serious side effects, including infection, excessive bleeding, PTSD, depression, and anxiety, among others. Use your best judgment to decide if this is the best option for you. Remember to try not to make a permanent decision out of a temporary emotion.


Clearly, judgment is a good thing. You need judgment no matter what you do in life. Because your judgment is rooted in your personal values and morals, it can also help navigate you through the more important decisions you might face, such as those listed above.


If you are looking for a reliable pregnancy clinic or are weighing your options, contact Turning Point PRC for no cost medical services: pregnancy test, ultrasound, and consultation about your next steps. Contact us today at: (858) 397-1970, text: (858) 822-9335 or email: info@mmpregnancy.org.

teen pregnancy advice

Teenage advice usually deals with personal and social issues, and many of them (in hindsight, at least) seem rather trivial. Who reading this hasn’t experienced the following situations during their teenage years?

  • What’s the best way to get rid of pimples?
  • Is it time to seek out new friends?
  • I love playing sports, but are my extracurricular activities getting in the way of my studies?
  • How can I muster up the courage to ask <insert crush here> to the prom?

These things seem absolutely life-altering at the time, but every teenager goes through them.

However, there is something that only a few teenagers have to deal with, and it actually is life-altering, in every sense of the word.

Teenage pregnancy.

Note the description above: life-altering, not life-ruining. For San Diego County women, one of the best ways to get assistance is through Turning Point’s Next Steps initiative. We can support pregnant teenagers and help them juggle the often-conflicting roles of mother and student, and also meet both short and long-term goals – personal and professional!

Advice for Pregnant Teenagers

We’ve compiled some of the best advice for teens going through a pregnancy.

If you smoke, quit. Healthy teenagers are more susceptible to giving birth to low-weight babies, and smoking only make the problem worse. Keep this in mind: every time you puff a cigarette, your baby does, too.

Abortion isn’t the only answer. Too often, pregnant teens view abortion as the only way out. That’s simply not true. Aside from negative physical and mental health consequences, abortion takes the life of an unborn child. From adoption agency referrals to open and honest counseling sessions, Turning Point can show any teenager the extraordinary benefits of giving life a chance!

Find a helping hand. Trying to handle a teenage pregnancy alone or with minimal help is beyond frustrating. With a caring supporting cast, a teenage pregnancy changes from impossible to

Understand that redemption is within reach. The shame and embarrassment of a teenage pregnancy is enough to send the most personable, well-adjusted young woman into depression. Yet once the initial shock wears off, the stigma of a teenage pregnancy becomes something entirely different. It can transform a young mother for the better. It can produce a loving child. It can be the beginning of an unbreakable family bond. Bottom line: it’s all up to you!

If you’re a teenager going through an unplanned pregnancy and don’t know where to get help, Turning Point is a great place to start. Our counselors are willing and ready to assist you today, just like we’ve been doing for women the San Diego County since 2000. Please call us today at 858-397-1970 with any questions or concerns you have. From free pregnancy tests to adoption referrals, we have plenty of solutions to choose from.

abortion in politics

Since the infamous Roe vs. Wade Supreme Court decision in 1973, abortion has played a central role in the debate about women’s health.

The abortion issue’s political turmoil, funding battles, heated debates and possible pending legislative changes command a large chuck of public attention. Yet set aside the “talk” about abortion for a minute and consider the grim human toll. One startling statistic illustrates abortion’s impact on women, families, and unborn children: as of 2012, there have been more than 54 million abortions in the United States since Roe vs. Wade.

Looking back through the years, abortion’s importance and staggering influence on everyday life is hard to overestimate. But what about the future of abortion, especially from a political perspective?

Abortion in the United States: A Checkered Past, Chaotic Present…and Hopeful Future?

So where do we go from here? What will abortion in America look like 10, 20 or even 50 years from now? It’s impossible to predict the future, but here’s our best guess, with three key political considerations:


“Women’s Health Rights” Rarely Align with Unborn Children’s Rights

As Mao famously said, “Political power flows through the barrel of a gun.” That’s not quite accurate when discussing abortion. Political power regarding abortion in America flows through willful, well-organized organizations. Planned Parenthood and other groups aren’t just strong advocates for abortion; they’re also practical political operatives. Unfortunately for pro-life proponents, the term “women’s health rights” includes abortion as untouchable; any attempt to limit abortion or reduce the number of abortion clinics is instantly viewed as an attack on women’s health. And that probably won’t change in the foreseeable future.


Attempts to Overturn Roe vs. Wade Will Likely Start from the Top

For pro-life advocates, any attempt to strike Roe vs. Wade from the books would start at the top of the political chain of command. While grass-roots efforts are substantial, the “bully pulpit” of the U.S. President is regarded as the logical starting point for any such efforts. The current political news cycle reflects the highly-charged, high-level discussions on abortion:  Republican candidate Donald Trump, according to running mate Mike Pence, may lead efforts to overturn the infamous 1973 Supreme Court ruling. Stay tuned.


Regardless of Official Legal Proclamation, the Pro-Life Movement Will Remain

Many legal experts think it’s highly unlikely that Roe vs. Wade will be overturned in the U.S. court system. The U.S. Supreme Court is notoriously even-handed with controversial legislation; once an issue is settled by the highest judicial power in the country, a law being overturned is extremely rare. For the Roe vs. Wade decision, two factors that will likely keep the law on the book include:

  • Pure political will. Pro-abortion advocates regard a woman’s right to abortion along sacred lines. They’re in the fight to win, and any perceived legal maneuvers against Roe vs. Wade
  • Increasingly liberal legislators. The Supreme Court likes to model itself along impartial lines, but the legal battleground is becoming more like cede-no-ground trench warfare by the minute. Left-wing judges on one side, conservative judges on the other, with precious few “sway votes” in the middle. America is simply more liberal than it was a generation ago.

However, pro-life organizations, including non-profit groups like Turning Point, will stand steadfast as an alternative to abortion. Regardless of the political winds, strong morals provide rock-solid support for the prevailing attitude on abortion.


The Turning Point Pregnancy Resource Center, as a non-profit organization, is here to help all women in San Diego County, no matter what the political situation is in Washington, D.C. or the California legislature. Our compassionate care and personalized counsel has assisted thousands of women since we’ve opened in 2000. To learn more about our pregnancy clinic, please call 858-397-1970.