You Had Unprotected Sex – Now What?

11 Jan, 2017


unprotected sex


If you’ve just had unprotected sex, there are so many emotions and thoughts running through your mind. Like so many others that have been in this situation, you’re probably having trouble getting your head around what just happened and you’re looking for advice. The most important thing is to take care of yourself. Here are […]

How to Decompress After the Holidays

28 Dec, 2016


How to Decompress After the Holidays


Like plants and animals, humans intuitively know they need to rest during the winter months to prepare for the renewal of spring; it’s an ideal time of year to treat yourself extra well, cleanse your body, and re-energize. Unfortunately, stress is a fact of life for many of us during and after the holidays. Between […]

Be a Consumer of Experience, Not of Things This Holiday Season

15 Dec, 2016


Be a Consumer of Experience, Not of Things This Holiday Season


The holiday season is in full swing, which means retail stores all over the world are packed with shoppers, trying to find the perfect gift for friends and family. If you’re a planner, you might have already thought about what you’re getting your loved ones for the holidays. But, think about this for a second: […]

Parenting Styles for Pregnant Women to Consider: Why Involvement Matters

29 Nov, 2016

An unplanned or unexpected pregnancy creates both short-term and long-term anxiety. Women (especially young women – who suddenly face a surprise pregnancy must deal with immediate concerns, such as: Determine gestation period Communicate with family members Implement optimal health habits But there are those way-in-the-future considerations, too. But they’re not as far in the future […]

The Best Budgeting Tips for Single Parents

21 Nov, 2016

Regular two-parent households can be hectic enough, but there are additional challenges for families with one primary provider. Single parents have a lot to keep track of. Baby. Bottles. Bibs. Blankets. And budgets? You bet. Properly managing your money is one of the best things you can do as a single parent. Your money has […]

Tips on Becoming an Amazing Father

14 Nov, 2016

While Turning Point is known for assisting women in crisis, we haven’t forgotten about the men out there in San Diego County! From our Brothers in Arms initiative to one-on-one counseling, we have the support personnel, programs and compassion to help fathers-to-be prepare for one of the most joyous, exciting and unpredictable time in their […]

The Advantages of an Unplanned Pregnancy

07 Nov, 2016


Unplanned Pregnancy


At Turning Point, we’ve helped hundreds of women deal with unplanned and unexpected pregnancies. One common thread we’ve noticed throughout each individual case – and no two paths to motherhood are exactly the same – is that every unplanned pregnancy has its own silver lining. Despite the exasperation, desperation, stress, anxiety, fear, and the overwhelming […]