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Turning Point: Pregnancy Counseling in San Diego

Society does not offer many safe places to discuss an unintended pregnancy. We believe there needs to be a place where a women can talk about her pregnancy without feeling judged. 15 years ago, our founder created one. Now you can enter a safe haven where you can privately discuss your pregnancy.

Why would I want pregnancy counseling? It can be a relief to have an intimate, confidential conversation with another woman regarding your pregnancy. Each woman’s needs are unique - we have individualized care available. Our staff is passionate about serving women and dedicated to giving each client our best. Our team of women will provide resources, education and support to each woman we serve.

Over the last 15 years, we have had powerful feedback from our clients, expressing how supported and understood they felt after a pregnancy counseling session. Call us - we will establish a one-on-one consultation with a Turning Point pregnancy counselor to get you the best possible assistance.

Unplanned Pregnancy Counseling Center – Contact Turning Point

Turning Point’s proven, precise & personalized system works. In fact, it’s worked for thousands of women and their families since 2000, when we first made our pregnancy counseling services available to residents of San Diego County.

Are you in need of pregnancy counseling in San Diego? Turning Point Pregnancy Resource and Counseling Center provides unplanned pregnancy counseling with our qualified and compassionate staff in a confidential environment.

To speak with a Turning Point counselor or to receive much-needed unplanned pregnancy counseling, please call Turning Point at 858-397-1970. You can also email the Turning Point pregnancy counseling center at Please note, your information is kept completely confidential. Our contact page has more information about getting in touch with a pregnancy counselor.

Pregnancy counseling is part of Turning Point’s comprehensive no-cost services to you. Call us today.