unplanned pregnancy options in san diego

Unplanned Pregnancy Options & Help – Stop by the Turning Point Pregnancy Resource Center

Explore your unplanned pregnancy options, get practical assistance, and find a safe & comfortable environment at Turning Point. Our no-cost, comprehensive support structure educates and reveals different unplanned pregnancy choices – and which one works best for you. Learn about your unplanned pregnancy options with a team of women who care at Turning Point Pregnancy Resource Center (TPPRC). Our qualified staff provides you a safe haven to discuss your thoughts and feelings to help with your unplanned pregnancy and pregnancy options.

An unplanned pregnancy requires a caring, concerned, considerate and careful approach. TPPRC provides options for an unplanned pregnancy, educational initiatives, community services, adoption counseling, support systems and much more – all in a private, intimate, one-on-one setting with a client advocate who will listen to your needs and help achieve an outcome that aligns with your particular lifestyle.

From the moment you enter the Turning Point Pregnancy Resource Center, you’re in good hands. From the paperwork to the pregnancy test, we will explain all of your options in a compassionate, confidential environment. Whatever your situation needs, TPPRC has the resources to help.

How to Deal with an Unwanted Pregnancy

Unfortunately, there’s no authoritative guidebook or “user’s manual" for going through all your unwanted pregnancy options. In place of an official guide, there’s the Turning Point Pregnancy Resource Center. Our philosophy is that every woman deserves a chance to be heard, and a “one size fits all" approach doesn’t work. Custom, personalized attention is in critically short supply when it comes to crisis pregnancies. Women looking for unwanted pregnancy options don’t need a prewritten plan; they need unique, flexible solutions that fit their particular life. Ever since opening in 2000, we’ve helped thousands of women with unplanned pregnancy options in San Diego.

Unplanned Pregnancy Resources - Why Turning Point Makes Sense

For unplanned pregnancy options in San Diego, it all starts with the Turning Point Pregnancy Resource Center. Our community-based support includes a variety of solutions, options and unplanned pregnancy resources for any woman who needs assistance. Just some of our successful programs include one-on-one counseling, targeted parental educational initiatives (including our newest program to assist young fathers), adoption agency networking, life skills workshops and much more.

Part of our unplanned pregnancy options and services include medical assistance. Turning Point provides free, quality medical care, including pregnancy tests and ultrasounds. All of our medical options for your unplanned pregnancy are supervised by our on-site registered nurse, so you’re always given prompt, professional medical treatment, if you need it.

Counseling, medical care, compassion, custom solutions and much more – when it comes to unplanned pregnancy resources, the Turning Point Pregnancy Resource Center provides that “calm port in the storm" that so many women require during this crucial time. And in case you haven’t heard, Turning Point’s ability to offer unplanned pregnancy options in San Diego is now greater than ever, thanks to our new Mobile Pregnancy Clinic.

Two Locations to Serve You

To access unplanned pregnancy help and resources, Turning Point has a pair of facilities in the greater San Diego area. Our main office is located at 7340 Miramar Rd. (Suite #204), and we also have a Mobile Pregnancy Clinic in nearby Clairemont. Both locations are available for any woman in San Diego County. Help, hope and healing are within reach – you just have to make the first step and contact Turning Point. You may not have chosen an unwanted or unplanned pregnancy, but you can choose Turning Point as your partner, advocate and support system moving forward.

Assistance for an unplanned pregnancy is just a phone call away. Sometimes, speaking with a neutral party – not a family member or friend –who can listen to your concerns with a fresh perspective – can help you work through your options in a safe, confidential space without pressure. TPPRC offers compassionate, attentive and immediate counseling at no cost to you.

Connect with unplanned pregnancy mentor today. You can call our experts about unwanted pregnancy options at 858-397-1970. And there are plenty of other ways to reach us as well. You can send an email to info@mmpregnancy.com, or visit the TPPRC contact page is another excellent resource for finding out more on your unplanned pregnancy options.