Pro-Life, Pro-Choice or in the Middle?

25 Aug, 2016



A person’s stance on abortion is a litmus test for many different issues – political, moral, personal, societal, even psychological. For better or worse, someone’s opinion about abortion is often used as a quick way to gauge their character, compassion, and convictions.

The pro-life vs. pro-abortion debate is often viewed as a no-holds-barred, line in the sand, take it or leave it issue.

But is it really that black and white? What do people really think about abortion, especially when they’re on camera?

Attitudes on Abortion: More Gray, Less Black and White

In a widely publicized YouTube video, reporters from Vox went to Times Square in New York City and asked people a straight-up, simple question: “Are you pro-life, or pro-choice?” The results were totally unexpected, but not for the reasons most pro-life or pro-abortion advocates would think.

The Vox video was an extension of a comprehensive poll which asked more than 1,000 adults their views and opinions on abortion. When pressed for a clear-cut answer on which side of the aisle they preferred, a significant portion of respondents (18%) said “both.”

The poll’s large sample size most likely reflects the prevailing opinion on the pro-life / pro-choice issue. While nearly 1 in 5 poll participants declaring they could go either way, 21% said they were neither pro-life nor pro-choice, which indicates “abortion issue fatigue” to some degree.

Rounding out the remaining responses, 32% declared themselves pro-choice, and 26% checked the pro-life box. The remaining 3% of people asked refused to answer.

As with many polls, how questions are worded can cause a shift in opinion. For example, 28% of poll participants agreed that abortion should be legal in almost all cases. By phrasing the question in a different manner – women should have a legal right to safe and accessible abortion in almost all cases – an additional 9% of those polled agreed.

Given the still-taboo nature of the abortion issue, a staggering 57% of responders said they never talked about the experience of abortion or the decision to have one.

Unconditional Support, Unwavering Compassion

The Turning Point Pregnancy Resource Center is proud to hold strong pro-life views. We’d rather see a mother put her child up for adoption than opt for abortion. But we’ll also support and counsel women who have already had an abortion, or are thinking about having one. That last statistic we cited above – 57% of people who simply “shut off” talk about abortion – illustrates how important a caring, compassionate and confidential partner can be. That’s what every woman receives at our pregnancy clinic.

Regardless of your stance on the pro-life and pro-choice debate, we’re here to help. If you’re dealing with a crisis pregnancy or have questions about abortion, please call our office at 858-397-1970. Turning Point can assist any woman with a fresh perspective, gain a helping hand or get crucial counseling. Call us today!