About Our San Diego Pregnancy Resource Center

Turning Point is a non-profit women’s clinic founded by a woman, for women. Turning Point is designed to be a place where women can openly discuss their concerns about their unplanned pregnancy in a safe environment. We believe women can overcome any obstacle placed before them when given the correct information, support, and encouragement that all of us need when faced with life’s difficult choices.

Our mission is to provide hope, help, and healing to women experiencing an unplanned pregnancy. We offer free early pregnancy medical services, compassionate consultation and a core of programs specifically designed for women dealing with an unexpected, challenging, or unwanted pregnancy.

Turning Point offers the assistance and crucial support needed during what can be a confusing and emotional experience. In order to meet the needs of women throughout San Diego County, we’ve added an online blog that offers tips, advice and more. This is just part of the Turning Point story – a story that started with a single purpose: to give women a safe and confidential atmosphere where they can share their story with other women. Not to judge, not to tell them what to do, but to LISTEN, offer real, practical solutions, and support them no matter what choice they make. We are a different type of medical clinic: caring, not clinical; professional, but also sympathetic and warm.

Our History: Hope, Help, and Healing for San Diego County Women Since 2000

Turning Point Pregnancy Resource Center opened in 2000, with the mission of offering women in our community a different kind of resource center. And since that time, our community-based programs and services have helped over 5,000 women and their families in a variety of ways, including:

Led by a group of compassionate professionals, Turning Point provides support in a non-judgmental manner. When women come to Turning Point, they’re given unconditional love, no questions asked. Our programs and services can assist you today.

For confidential & caring support, contact us today.