COVID-19 Promotes Change to Fertility Awareness

27 Apr, 2020



COVID-19 Affects Fertility Industry

The COVID-19 pandemic has been a time of unprecedented change to every routine. What does the future hold for finances? How do I adjust to working from home or having reduced hours? How do I homeschool my children? Families are being brought back into the home and closer than ever before so it is also a good time to think about the future of fertility awareness. Women who have been on birth control for any period of time are now faced with a shortage of supply versus demand of medical providers, appointment availability, delay, and pharmaceutical scarcity.

Birth Control Supply and Demand

The supply versus demand shortage does not negate the fact that reproductive health is essential. How can we alleviate the problem and provide the solution?

FEMM (Fertility Education and Medical Management)

What if there was an effective form of birth control that didn’t run out, expire, or require an in-office appointment to the clinic or pharmacy? Sound too good to be true? It certainly is not but it is too good not to share. Fertility Education and Medical Management (FEMM) is the solution!

Fertility education helps to bring unity and partnerships between the woman, her body, and her healthcare liaison. Through FEMM education, a certified FEMM teacher can work with you online through telemedicine so that you can learn about your health and cycles.  As a FEMM patient, you will receive a comprehensive full health assessment including a review of your charting information, health history, the possible need for a physical consultation, lab tests, and ongoing telehealthcare. FEMM charting is important because it lets you understand how your body works, and identify if your symptoms or charting pattern indicates the need for medical support.

This is more than a period app! FEMM education includes three comprehensive one-on-one assessments with hands-on activities. The woman can get immediate feedback from her FEMM teacher and does not have to feel isolated from an app. The woman has consistent interaction with the FEMM teacher in between sessions and for a lifetime! FEMM educators provide an app as an adjunct for more prolonged tracking.

FEMM educates the woman about the anatomy and physiology of both the male and female body, how hormones play a role in the cycle, biomarkers, or vital signs of reproductive health and how to chart them. Additional education is provided for family planning, reproductive continuum, diet management, exercise management, and stress management.

Fertility Awareness Instructors vs Medical Providers

Fertility education instructors believe in getting to the root of the issue and treating the underlying problem rather than masking symptoms. Empowering women to understand their cycles and to use them as an indicator of their overall health is the cornerstone of our approach to women’s healthcare.

Medical providers address the symptoms through hormonal contraceptive prescriptions but these synthetic drugs interrupt the natural cycle and mask the hormonal imbalance behind these symptoms. This doesn’t address the root of what is really wrong with the woman’s cycle and often leaves the woman feeling more imbalanced and hopeless.

The COVID-19 pandemic is an especially important time to take an assessment of our overall health with the evolving changes faced on a daily basis. Fertility education is more effective than other birth control options because it teaches the woman to know her body and be the most reliable source of her own biology. Furthermore, fertility awareness helps couples grow closer together through involving the significant other infertility education decisions. Improved communication and understanding encourage couples to learn something new together that will benefit them now and in the future.

If you are considering changing your birth control method, are tired of your method’s side effects, or if you have an implant whose contraceptive qualities will run out, now might be a great time to consider making the switch to fertility education.

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