Love Your Body: Go Green!

03 Dec, 2019



If your chicken doesn’t have antibiotics and hormones, why should your body?

Why would we suppress ovulation with a contraceptive pill or shot and quiet symptoms that disrupt a woman’s cycle when we can offer a natural, holistic approach to address the root issues of a woman’s reproductive health?

Mainstream medicine reaches for the oral contraceptives and hormonal therapy prescriptions as the first line of therapy to put a simple fix on reproductive irregularities but this only paves a road to long-term complications.

A contraceptive pill is not a substitute for a woman’s right to know her body. Women don’t need more information on pills or products for symptom management, they need to become the most reliable source of their own biology.

Fertility Education Medical Management comes with a whole range of benefits that contraceptives lack. Through fertility education, women who have been uninformed and powerless when encouraged not to have to think about their bodies become the most informed sources of their own biology; this knowledge empowers them to truly choose the best options and make better decisions for the long-term.

A Birth Control Story

Recently at TPPRC, we had a 21-year-old abortion-minded patient who came in for a pregnancy test after her home pregnancy test was positive. She had one child and had a surgical abortion one year prior to her visit. The patient had stopped her NuvaRing one month before her last menstrual period. In addition, she had taken Plan B emergency contraceptive in early October. Because she was recently off of oral contraception, she did know when she was supposed to ovulate. In addition, she did not know that Plan B was like taking a one month supply of birth control. When the registered nurse evaluated her cycle history, it was easy to determine the patient was pregnant prior to taking Plan B. Because the patient was uninformed about how oral contraceptives delay ovulation and cause confusing cycles even after they are stopped, she assumed she could have intercourse at the same time each month. The outcome was the patient now had an unplanned pregnancy. Instead of being set up for success by having knowledge and control of her body, she was now considering abortion to be her only option. This reinforces the necessity of giving women back their power through fertility education.

At Turning Point Pregnancy Resource Center, we offer fertility education that helps a woman understand the truth about her body. If a woman understands what menstruation and ovulation are and when it happens, the process of avoiding or achieving pregnancy, the risks of sexually transmitted diseases and the emotional consequences of sexual activity, she can have the knowledge and skill set to take care of her own reproductive health.

Fertility education charting brings true health literacy to healthcare providers and patients. When a woman knows her body, she can uncover the real issues and treat them more effectively.

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