Continuing Education and Support Programs for Pregnant Teens, Young Adults and Children

07 Mar, 2016

The Turning Point Pregnancy Resource Center provides internal programs to assist women in crisis pregnancies. Our Earn While You Learn (EWYL) service provides training, education and financial assistance. But EWYL is just one of many programs for women in San Diego County and throughout California. Unexpected or crisis pregnancies are two principal reasons which deter […]

Facts and Myths About Birth Control

16 Feb, 2016

A memorable Winston Churchill quote (Sir Winston had many) about guarding essential intelligence during wartime was: “Truth is so precious that she should always be attended by a bodyguard of lies.” In other words, misinformation wasn’t necessarily a bad thing, as long as it protected the truly vital and important information. The same could be […]

Pregnancy Loss: How to Cope

21 Dec, 2015

Pregnancy loss or miscarriage is one of the most devastating circumstances a woman has to face. The loss hurts on so many levels: emotionally, physically, spiritually and more. Perhaps more than anything else, it’s the connection a would-be mother has with her unborn child. Even though mother and baby never got to enjoy each other’s […]

Brothers in Arms: TPPRC’s New Fatherhood Program

13 Nov, 2015

The Turning Point Pregnancy Resource Center recently launched a new initiative called “Brothers in Arms,” a fatherhood program with one mission: to equip fathers with practical skills through consistent and respectful instruction and engagement. This mission is a far cry from the harsh reality faced by many fathers; many times, men attempt to salvage a […]

Planned Parenthood Budget Cuts: The Potential Impact

23 Oct, 2015

As the debate rages on Planned Parenthood’s budget, there are seemingly more questions than answers at the moment. How do any potential budget cuts for Planned Parenthood impact independent clinics like the Turning Point Pregnancy Resource Center (TPPRC)? How will the repercussions affect women facing an unplanned or unwanted pregnancy? And what exactly is Planned Parenthood, […]

Unplanned Pregnancies – Relevant Statistics & Resources to Help

15 Oct, 2015

Unplanned Pregnancies – Relevant Statistics & Resources to Help [Infographic] Unplanned pregnancies are a serious issue for women, with resounding impact for others involved – fathers, children, parents, grandparents and more. To grasp the full scale of the topic, let’s look at some rather staggering statistics – as you can see, unplanned pregnancies have most […]

New Age Feminist

23 Sep, 2015

The second part of that statement was not always true though, before interning at Turning Point, I considered myself pro-choice, and believed that every woman should have the choice of whether or not she wanted to keep her unborn child. But there were always the circumstances that I thought abortion was wrong. For example, when […]

My Girlfriend Wants an Abortion But I Don’t – A Man’s Perspective

23 Sep, 2015

Abortion is considered a cornerstone women’s health issue. But the man’s point of view usually gets lost in all the commotion. And make no mistake; abortion has plenty of commotion surrounding it. From Roe v Wade to near daily political battles to a keystone of the so-called “War on Women,” abortion doesn’t lack the spotlight. […]

Facts Behind An Unplanned, Unwanted or Unexpected Pregnancy

21 Sep, 2015

Unplanned. Unwanted. Unexpected. Those three terms are the most common descriptors for any pregnancy that comes as a surprise. Depending on a woman’s specific situation, any one of those three could possibly apply. And there are instances where, incredibly enough, all three could describe a pregnancy. Given the emotional involved with this type of pregnancy – […]