I Have An Unplanned Pregnancy: What Do I Do Next?

15 Jan, 2020


Young Woman Considering Breastfeeding During COVID-19 Pandemic


The Ultrasound Answers the Question Ultrasounds are one of the most integral parts of the decision-making process when it comes to an unplanned pregnancy. If you are uncertain about which choice to make regarding your unplanned pregnancy, we recommend you have a free limited ultrasound to answer questions about your potential pregnancy. What is an […]

Retrain Your Brain – Fertility Knowledge

31 Dec, 2019


Fertility Knowledge


Students know how to avoid pregnancy, but do they know their body? Through the presence of search engines and social media, there has never been more information about fertility available to young men and women, yet more confusion about fertility and overall health. Fertility Knowledge A recent survey revealed that only 27.5 percent of Ivy […]

It’s Okay To Have “ish”! – Natural Birth Control

20 Dec, 2019


Natural Birth Control - Fertility Planning


The natural way to know what is wrong and fix it! Fertility education provides a natural form of birth control that uses the design and knowledge of your body to know where you are in your cycle to not only avoid or achieve pregnancy but also have the means to fix what is imbalanced. If […]

Love Your Body: Go Green!

03 Dec, 2019

If your chicken doesn’t have antibiotics and hormones, why should your body? Why would we suppress ovulation with a contraceptive pill or shot and quiet symptoms that disrupt a woman’s cycle when we can offer a natural, holistic approach to address the root issues of a woman’s reproductive health? Mainstream medicine reaches for the oral […]

Fertility Awareness: The Birth Control of Choice

26 Nov, 2019


Fertility Questions


Want to solve the mystery of fertility misconception? Forty percent of women across all age groups expressed concerns about their ability to conceive. Yet one-third of women were unaware of adverse implications of sexually transmitted infections, obesity, or irregular menses for procreative success, and one-fifth were unaware of the effects of aging. Approximately 40% were […]

From the Head to the Heart

19 Nov, 2019


Birth Control Pill


Is the short-term fix worth the long-term problem? Hormonal contraception is one of the most widely prescribed drugs for women but concurrently exposes them to the risks of depression, stroke, blood clots, heart attacks, breast cancer, cervical cancer, liver cancer, infertility, sexual malaise, discomfort, and the demineralization of bones. The World Health Organization classifies oral […]

The Morning Aftermath

05 Nov, 2019


Woman Talking About Morning After Pill


Is it possible to take the morning after pill and still have an unplanned pregnancy? Emergency contraception pills like Plan B contain a synthetic hormone called progestin. They prevent pregnancy by delaying the release of the egg from the ovary to prevent fertilization. According to Dr. Michelle Metz, general OBGYN, emergency contraception can make your […]

Taking Off the Mask – Birth Control Pill Facts

29 Oct, 2019


Birth Control Pill


Do Oral Contraceptives Downplay the Real Issue? Did you know that 1 in 3 women take hormonal contraception for non-contraception related issues such as  irregular bleeding, excessive pain or cramping, PMS, acne, etc? Furthermore, ⅔ of  women are on the pill in part for gynecologic reasons that remain unidentified and untreated. If a woman goes […]

A Painful Pill to Swallow – Birth Control

22 Oct, 2019


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Is the short-term gain of using oral contraception worth the long-term costs? A normal, pill-free ovulation cycle involves a chain reaction of four hormones: progesterone, estrogen, luteinizing hormone (LH) or follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) to prepare the body for possible pregnancy and equips the body to maintain the pregnancy. The ovaries grow eggs, the uterine […]

The Downside of Multiple Partners

15 Oct, 2019


Woman Considering Free Pregnancy Test


Multiple sexual partners may seem like a fantasy to some, but to the educated the very thought is a high-risk endeavor.  If you have multiple sexual partners this article is a must read for you. Are you having symptoms of an STD but unsure of the source? Studies show that many people fail to get […]