Most Common Pregnancy Symptoms – And How to Manage Them

23 Sep, 2016

At Turning Point, we field thousands of questions from women every month. From dealing with an uncooperative partner to questions about returning to school with a young child, we’ve been asked – and helped answer – the toughest queries regarding pregnancy. Since 2000, when we opened our doors in San Diego County, our counselors, nurses […]

Abortion in the Political Sphere: What the Future Holds

02 Sep, 2016

Since the infamous Roe vs. Wade Supreme Court decision in 1973, abortion has played a central role in the debate about women’s health. The abortion issue’s political turmoil, funding battles, heated debates and possible pending legislative changes command a large chuck of public attention. Yet set aside the “talk” about abortion for a minute and […]

Back to School Considerations

31 Aug, 2016

The choices you make today will echo far into the future – that goes for split-second decisions to things like preplanned meetings with a financial advisor. The cumulative impact of all those decisions eventually help shape who you are – and more importantly, who you’ll become. For students heading back to school, good choices aren’t […]

How Pregnancy Changes Your Life

30 Aug, 2016

Pregnancy changes every woman’s life on a fundamental biological, personal, hormonal and spiritual level. And most of the discussion about “how pregnancy changes your life” is framed in that context, rightly so. Yet there are plenty of other aspects about life that motherhood alters, for the better! This post will examine how pregnancy impacts your […]

Pro-Life, Pro-Choice or in the Middle?

25 Aug, 2016

A person’s stance on abortion is a litmus test for many different issues – political, moral, personal, societal, even psychological. For better or worse, someone’s opinion about abortion is often used as a quick way to gauge their character, compassion, and convictions. The pro-life vs. pro-abortion debate is often viewed as a no-holds-barred, line in […]

5 Reasons to Visit a Pregnancy Resource Center

29 Jul, 2016

Unplanned and unexpected pregnancies continue to impact the greater San Diego community, despite an overall reduction in teenage pregnancy rates across the region. Turning Point, a leading San Diego crisis pregnancy center, offers women a safe port of call in the often stormy circumstances surrounding unwanted and surprise pregnancies. Most women who’ve faced a crisis […]

The History of Abortion in America

19 Jul, 2016

Abortion in America goes back to the founding of the country in the 1770s. Throughout the 19th century, abortions were performed mostly unregulated – some jurisdictions attempted to limit and discourage the practice – and the number of injuries and deaths weren’t officially recorded. By the turn of the 20th century, abortion was considered a […]

How to be a Great Single Mother

19 Jul, 2016

The single parent (and especially the single mom) used to be relatively rare. Today, it’s estimated that roughly half of all children in the United States are raised by single mothers before the age of 18. While some negative stereotypes surround single moms and their children, others embrace their status and gladly accept the challenge. […]

Dispelling the Myth: Abortion Safer Than Birth

19 Jul, 2016

The topic of women’s health is always in the news, and the latest publicity involves the “abortion is safer than childbirth” claim. But how valid are those claims? Is abortion really safer than normal childbirth? Aside from the fact that abortion is obviously unsafe for the mother’s fetus, let’s take a look at the topic […]

Abortion in the California Courts: Federal Mandate Upheld

19 Jul, 2016

A recent ruling by the Obama administration fueled the controversial abortion debate in California. The decision, handed down by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), is regarded as a win for abortion proponents, and a setback for pro-life advocates. So what are the major takeaways from this ruling, and how does it […]