Taking Off the Mask – Birth Control Pill Facts

29 Oct, 2019


Birth Control Pill


Do Oral Contraceptives Downplay the Real Issue? Did you know that 1 in 3 women take hormonal contraception for non-contraception related issues such as  irregular bleeding, excessive pain or cramping, PMS, acne, etc? Furthermore, ⅔ of  women are on the pill in part for gynecologic reasons that remain unidentified and untreated. If a woman goes […]

Debunking Common Abortion Myths

15 May, 2018


Woman In A Black Hat Standing In Front Of Red Flowers


Because there are so many opinions regarding abortion, it is often the case that proven facts are hard to find, or that opinions are presented as fact. It is our goal to provide honest and open information so that you can make the best decision possible for you regarding your pregnancy. In this post, we’ll […]

Swipe Right on Healthy Relationships

28 Sep, 2017


Swipe Right on Healthy Relationships


Why Tinder isn’t the best way to meet and build meaningful relationships If you’ve used the popular dating app, Tinder, in the past, you probably are aware of how demeaning the process can be. Constantly judging and being judged solely on appearances can take a toll on your self-esteem above other things. Tinder fuels the […]

STD Myths: Debunked

05 Sep, 2017


STD Myths: Debunked


With how common STDs have become among teens and young adults, there seems to be a lot of confusing information out there on the Internet – some of it true, some, not so much. This list will debunk some common STD myths, so that you can become more educated about your sexual health and continue […]

5 Things to Do if You Think You’re Pregnant

29 Aug, 2017

Maybe you’ve recently had unprotected sex, missed a few birth control pills, or experienced a condom failure. You’re worried sick… and can’t shake the feeling that something is off. You wonder: “Am I pregnant?”   During this confusing, emotional time, your mind might be racing, without any idea of what to do next. Before you […]

Are you a part of healthy relationships?

05 Apr, 2017


Are you a part of healthy relationships


Forming valuable relationships is an essential step toward a rewarding life. Relationships are an integral part of being human, and constructive relationships have the potential to improve your livelihood. Whether the relationship is long-term or a newly formed friendship, they should always be completely respectful. In an unhealthy relationship, the other person will often:   […]

Reactive vs. Responsive: How We Deal with Relationship Conflict

13 Mar, 2017


How We Deal with Relationship Conflict


Two people can’t be expected to agree on absolutely everything, all the time. In fact, conflict is a normal and necessary component of any healthy relationship. People often disagree over things that seem trivial: ideas, desires, motivations, values and perceptions. When conflict triggers strong feelings, differing personal needs are usually the root of the problem. […]

Do YOU Know the Difference Between Love & Infatuation?

20 Feb, 2017


Difference Between Love and Infatuation


The word “love” is thrown around quite often nowadays—but is it used correctly? You feel love when you care very strongly and deeply for another person. You support them, you work with them to solve conflict, and you’re willing to stand by them in good times and bad. Just like love, infatuation (or lust) is […]

Know the Boundaries of Physical Touch

09 Feb, 2017


Boundaries of Physical Touch


Problems tend to arise in a relationship when we don’t realize that people have different ways of giving love. Some people prefer to talk about their feelings, while others prefer the “love language” of touch.  Current research shows that physical touch can provide many health benefits, like improved attitude and feelings of connection—but this doesn’t […]

What do I need to know about STDs?

31 Jan, 2017


What do I need to know about STDs


Chances are, you’ve heard about STDs before. You might have heard of some of the most common ones—but unless you’ve personally dealt with a sexually transmitted disease, that’s likely the full extent of your knowledge. Are you aware of the most common STDs among American women? Do you know what symptoms to look for, or […]