Rising STD Rates in America

18 Mar, 2020


Woman Discussing STD Rates in America


STD Rates in America What is causing the STD crisis in America? How did we get to the place where 3 million teens in the US alone, according to the CDC, each year contract a sexually transmitted disease?  According to Dr. Lisa Dunne, founder of UCHE Academy, STD rates are the manifestation of a larger […]

From the Head to the Heart

19 Nov, 2019


Birth Control Pill


Is the short-term fix worth the long-term problem? Hormonal contraception is one of the most widely prescribed drugs for women but concurrently exposes them to the risks of depression, stroke, blood clots, heart attacks, breast cancer, cervical cancer, liver cancer, infertility, sexual malaise, discomfort, and the demineralization of bones. The World Health Organization classifies oral […]

Back to School Considerations

31 Aug, 2016

The choices you make today will echo far into the future – that goes for split-second decisions to things like preplanned meetings with a financial advisor. The cumulative impact of all those decisions eventually help shape who you are – and more importantly, who you’ll become. For students heading back to school, good choices aren’t […]

5 Reasons to Visit a Pregnancy Resource Center

29 Jul, 2016

Unplanned and unexpected pregnancies continue to impact the greater San Diego community, despite an overall reduction in teenage pregnancy rates across the region. Turning Point, a leading San Diego crisis pregnancy center, offers women a safe port of call in the often stormy circumstances surrounding unwanted and surprise pregnancies. Most women who’ve faced a crisis […]

Abortion in the California Courts: Federal Mandate Upheld

19 Jul, 2016

A recent ruling by the Obama administration fueled the controversial abortion debate in California. The decision, handed down by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), is regarded as a win for abortion proponents, and a setback for pro-life advocates. So what are the major takeaways from this ruling, and how does it […]

Controversy, Confusion Surround FDA’s Extension of Abortion Pill’s Usage

12 May, 2016

A controversial decision by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has ignited a fresh debate on abortion. The FDA’s ruling involves the abortion pill Mifeprex (also known as RU-486), the brand name for the drug mifepristone. The drug stops production of the hormone progesterone, which is essential to sustain pregnancies. Previously, Mifeprex was […]

Turning Point’s Summer Mobile Pregnancy Clinic

21 Mar, 2016

More options, more compassion, more convenience – the Turning Point Pregnancy Resource Center’s (TPPRC) mobile pregnancy clinic is available at two locations in the Clairemont area. For more than 15 years, TPPRC services have assisted thousands of women in the greater San Diego County region. With our Mobile Pregnancy Clinic, we’re in a better position […]

Brothers in Arms: TPPRC’s New Fatherhood Program

13 Nov, 2015

The Turning Point Pregnancy Resource Center recently launched a new initiative called “Brothers in Arms,” a fatherhood program with one mission: to equip fathers with practical skills through consistent and respectful instruction and engagement. This mission is a far cry from the harsh reality faced by many fathers; many times, men attempt to salvage a […]

Planned Parenthood Budget Cuts: The Potential Impact

23 Oct, 2015

As the debate rages on Planned Parenthood’s budget, there are seemingly more questions than answers at the moment. How do any potential budget cuts for Planned Parenthood impact independent clinics like the Turning Point Pregnancy Resource Center (TPPRC)? How will the repercussions affect women facing an unplanned or unwanted pregnancy? And what exactly is Planned Parenthood, […]