Claremont Mobile Pregnancy Clinic

Mobile Pregnancy Clinic

If you find yourself in an unintended pregnancy, the Turning Point Mobile Pregnancy Clinic in Claremont offers no-cost, convenient and confidential care. Our services offered in Claremont include:

  • Free pregnancy tests
  • Early pregnancy ultrasound services
  • Personalized counsel
  • Practical resources & information

Turning Point believes you deserve access to the information, tools, and support that you may need with your newly discovered pregnancy. The Claremont Mobile Pregnancy Clinic provides a safe haven to discuss your thoughts and feelings regarding your pregnancy, in a non-judgemental space. Clear, accurate information will be shared by our medical professionals.

Located in the Claremont area of San Diego, our Mobile Pregnancy Clinic is an excellent resource for anyone located in the northern suburbs, Linda Vista, and other nearby neighborhoods. With over 80,000 people, Claremont is one of the largest metro areas around San Diego. Given the region’s need for high-quality pregnancy services, Turning Point’s Mobile Pregnancy Clinic is dedicated to providing care to the Claremont community.

For confidential woman-to-woman counseling, free medical-grade pregnancy test, or early pregnancy ultrasounds in Clairemont, contact Turning Point today. We’re here to support women. Our representatives can be reached at 858-397-1970.

Pregnancy Test, Early Pregnancy Ultrasounds & More in Claremont

Turning Point is a recognized non-profit organization in the greater San Diego area. We’re advocates for women and we understand that an unexpected pregnancy is a shared experience for many women. Funded by community efforts, Turning Point has the unique ability to provide care at no cost to our clients, a vital service to the San Diego community.

Turning Point has established a high standard of care, and all of our services are completely free. The Turning Point Claremont Mobile Pregnancy Clinic provides support with the resources, personalized attention, and information you need to make a mindful, informed decision.

Our goal is to provide you with support while empowering you to make an educated and informed decision. For more information about the Turning Point Mobile Pregnancy Clinic in Claremont, please call our main office at 858-397-1970 or send an email to the Turning Point staff at We respect each woman’s right to privacy and ability to make her own decisions. All of your personal information is kept in complete confidence. For additional information about Turning Point and our Claremont Mobile Pregnancy Clinic, please contact us.