Abortion Options

Privately Discuss Your Abortion Options in San Diego

The best place to discuss abortion options is in a private, confidential setting. Our clinic is an inviting place where you can sit down with a mentor/advocate and discuss your pregnancy intentions. We are not here to judge your situation, we are here to provide medical services and to plug you into support and resources. We have team members who have found themselves in unplanned pregnancies and understand the need for a caring atmosphere to discuss questions, abortion options and pregnancy options.

Options for abortion is a personal topic and best discussed with knowledgeable, compassionate women who’ve mentored thousands of women in similar situations. Open, honest consultation is what you’ll receive at Turning Point Pregnancy Resource Center. We have both information and education available to you. Step into a safe place where you can experience a personalized, caring approach to your newly discovered pregnancy.

We realize it isn’t easy to discuss an unplanned pregnancy. And that’s exactly why our experienced staff honors and respects your opinion. At Turning Point, we acknowledge each individual’s personal beliefs, no matter their background, age or other circumstances.

Our intimate, personalized clinic is a place for you to discuss abortion, early pregnancy care and anything else you’d like to talk about. We have an all-female consultation staff to connect with your personal needs. This private, confidential setting allows Turning Point to help you discover the solution that’s best for you; we don’t take a one-size-fits-all approach; we allow your thoughts and feelings to be heard during the entire process.

To find out more about your abortion options, contact Turning Point. We can discuss options for abortion, pregnancy care and more.