Pre-Abortion Counseling

Turning Point Abortion Counseling: No Cost, Confidential Help in San Diego

Thinking about an abortion? Don’t you wish there was a pause button at times? Pause for a moment, take a breather, and come speak with women at our center. We are a center founded by a woman, for women. Unintended pregnancy is a shared experience for many women. You will find a caring, confidential space to discuss your pregnancy and learn more about abortion procedures and pregnancy options.

Turning Point Pregnancy Resource Center offers pre-abortion counseling services with compassionate staff in a non-judgmental, welcoming space. If you are thinking about abortion, get the personalized attention and support you need to make an educated and informed decision.

With a strong support of licensed medical professionals and qualified staff members, the Turning Point Pregnancy Resource Center has served the needs of San Diego County residents since 2000. We provide counseling before an abortion and after an abortion, as well as other vital medical services at absolutely no cost to you.

Receive Counseling Before Abortion

We’ve assisted over 5,000 women and families in need since opening our doors. We know the unique stresses and challenges of an unplanned pregnancy. And we’re prepared to help you in any way we can. If you’re thinking about abortion and don’t know where to turn, our pre-abortion counseling offers specialized, no-cost assistance when you need it most.

And getting abortion counseling is easier than you think. With a call 858-397-1970 or email (, you can receive confidential, caring pre-abortion counseling from one of our licensed professionals. Turning Point’s pre-abortion counseling is just one step in our comprehensive, client-focused process. Once we’ve determined a positive pregnancy test, our pre-abortion counseling offers singular focus and total support – all at no cost to you.

Contact Turning Point today to make your free and confidential pre-abortion counseling appointment.