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Free Pregnancy Testing

Our clinic is conveniently located in central San Diego, making it accessible from many different areas of the city. Our clients are not always local; they may be in town visiting a friend or on vacation, and in need of a free pregnancy test. We can make a prompt, convenient appointment for you to come in for a free pregnancy test. It is the first and vital step to making a decision regarding your pregnancy.

What happens during Turning Point’s pregnancy testing? Your lab-quality pregnancy test will be verified by one of our medical professionals. We’ll tell you the results immediately and carry out an assessment to determine if you are eligible for an ultrasound. The ultrasound will tell you more accurately how far along you are in your pregnancy. Having your pregnancy verified is the first step in your decision-making process and we are here to help and support you along the way. Early pregnancy testing is a vital step for any woman who suspects they might be pregnant.

San Diego Free Pregnancy Testing

One of the most common questions we get at Turning Point is: How do I get a free pregnancy test near me? Well, if you’re in San Diego County, we have two different facilities that provide early pregnancy testing:

  • Turning Point Pregnancy Resource Center Main Office (7304 Miramar Rd., #204)
  • Turning Point Pregnancy Resource Center Mobile Clinic (different areas throughout Clairemont)

Advantages of a Free Pregnancy Test in San Diego

If you suspect you may be pregnant, the first step you should take is a pregnancy test. Once your test results are in, Turning Point provides you with a step-by-step plan, regardless of the test’s outcome. Early pregnancy testing requires some courage and commitment on your part, but the initial fear and uncertainty are worth it. Just some of the benefits of a Turning Point pregnancy test include:

  • Completely confidential results. Your information isn’t distributed to any other agency, organization or individual without your consent. Turning Point values the trust and confidence of our patients, and we will not jeopardize this commitment in any way. From the initial consultation to test results, every woman receives the same professional, courteous, compassionate and confidential attention.
  • Accuracy. Turning Point’s early pregnancy tests are over 99% accurate – the best rate you’ll find anywhere. This is important in early pregnancy because time is of the essence; many women are further along in their pregnancy than they think, but before an ultrasound is performed, a confirmed positive test is required. Our free pregnancy testing in San Diego reduces wasted time brought about my multiple pregnancy tests.
  • Multi-facility flexibility. Turning Point provides early pregnancy testing at our main office (Miramar) and also our Mobile Pregnancy Clinic (Clairemont). This added convenience makes Turning Point a logical answer to the question, “How to get a free pregnancy test near me?
  • No cost. Our non-profit organization provides free pregnancy tests in San Diego. No hidden costs, no hassle – just prompt and professional medical attention.
  • Additional services. If your test comes back positive, we have an assortment of programs, services, and other aids to help you along the way. Whether you’re thinking about your future education or present-day parental needs, Turning Point has the support system in place to make the transition as smooth as possible. Many of our programs start with early pregnancy testing. Don’t delay any further; contact Turning Point for your free pregnancy test in San Diego today.

The Turning Point Pregnancy Resource Center has free pregnancy tests available for any resident of San Diego County. No questions asked – just honest & upfront medical care, delivered by our compassionate and considerate staff.

From the opening consultation onward, Turning Point is here to provide assistance when it seems like nobody else will. And our free pregnancy test is just the first step of a productive, positive relationship with our staff.

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Get free pregnancy testing and verification with our qualified medical staff at Turning Point Pregnancy Resource Center today. To schedule your pregnancy test, contact our office today at 858-397-1970, or send an email to info@mmpregnancy.com.