5 Reasons to Visit a Pregnancy Resource Center

29 Jul, 2016



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Unplanned and unexpected pregnancies continue to impact the greater San Diego community, despite an overall reduction in teenage pregnancy rates across the region. Turning Point, a leading San Diego crisis pregnancy center, offers women a safe port of call in the often stormy circumstances surrounding unwanted and surprise pregnancies.

Most women who’ve faced a crisis pregnancy encounter numerous obstacles in getting the help they need. Sometimes, fear and distrust keep women from seeking assistance. Other women simply internalize their pregnancy, concealing their situation for months on end. But there’s a different way, a better way. The Turning Point way.

This post offers a handful of reasons why women should consider visiting the Turning Point Pregnancy Resource Center in San Diego.

Find Help: Five Reasons to Visit Turning Point’s Crisis Pregnancy Center

While many women look for reasons to avoid getting assistance at pregnancy resource centers in San Diego, we thought it would be helpful to point out five specific ways that Turning Point can help today – right now.

Caring, Compassionate Counseling & Personalized Assistance

From the very first time you contact Turning Point, a foundation of trust, honesty and open communication is established. This is critical in getting the help you need. Every woman at Turning Point is given their own Client Advocate, who helps determine how we can help. The Client Advocate reviews recent patient history, discusses options, offer practical and personalized community referrals and helps navigate any other personal circumstances the patient needs or wants to address.

Free Ultrasound Exam

If you’re pregnant, it’s very important to determine how far along you are, and to determine if you are possibly miscarrying or having a tubal or ectopic pregnancy. An ultrasound exam is the best way to do this, and Turning Point offers no-cost ultrasounds, provided by our highly qualified medical personnel. Remember that the  ultrasound exams are only one element of our free services, which include pregnancy testing and verification, counseling, one on one mentorship programs and much more.

Complete Confidentiality

Many women are discouraged from visiting a pregnancy clinic because they’re fearful of what might happen if someone finds out. Turning Point keeps all of our patients’ information completely confidential, as we consider privacy paramount. We respect each woman’s right to privacy and ability to make her own decisions. All of your personal information is kept in complete confidence.

Community-Based Support

The Turning Point Pregnancy Resource Center works with local San Diego organizations, non-profits, women’s advocacy groups and many others to provide considerable resources for any woman who needs assistance. The Turning Point Pregnancy Resource Center has helped hundreds of women (and thousands of their family members) since 2000, and a big part of our success rate is due to our strong relationships with care assistance groups.

Mobile Pregnancy Clinic Convenience

With our mobile pregnancy clinic, Turning Point provides another way for women to connect with San Diego’s premier crisis pregnancy center. It’s tough to juggle a busy work schedule, school classes or family commitments, but Turning Point’s mobile clinic helps to meet the needs in different locations throughout San Diego County.

Contact Turning Point Today

As one of the most trusted crisis pregnancy clinics in San Diego, Turning Point is the answer to a common question: “Where can I find a pregnancy center near me?” Our main clinic is located at 7340 Miramar Rd #204 in San Diego, and we also feature a Mobile Pregnancy Clinic, based in the Clairemont region.

This blog post just touches on a handful of reasons to visit the Turning Point Pregnancy Resource Center, but there are many more. If you’re involved in an unwanted or unplanned pregnancy, call us today  at (858) 397-1970, text us (858) 822-9335 or fill out our confidential contact form.  Thanks for reading the Turning Point blog!