Back to School Considerations

31 Aug, 2016



Back to School Considerations

The choices you make today will echo far into the future – that goes for split-second decisions to things like preplanned meetings with a financial advisor.

The cumulative impact of all those decisions eventually help shape who you are – and more importantly, who you’ll become. For students heading back to school, good choices aren’t just about getting an A on a multiple-choice quiz. And for adults considering making the back-to-class journey, there are a whole other set of circumstances to think about.

For the first blog we back to school considerations, I’d like to focus on good choices and how those choices will affect their future goals and dreams. Steer away from “stay safe.” That’s the language for the past 30 years (i.e. use a condom and you are protected, safe, okay) but it hasn’t worked. We see it at Turning Point daily.

Good Choices Now = A Great Future Down the Road

What can students do to avoid a rocky road while in school? For starters, try this list:

Avoid Alcohol

Alcohol and college students are a volatile mix. Alcohol, college students and sex is one combination that can quickly derail academic achievement, put future plans on hold and force young adults to quickly become parents. A recent study by the National Bureau of Economic research confirms what many people already know: binge drinking leads directly to risky sex practices.

Stay Active, Engaged and Interested

A rigorous academic and social life on campus isn’t just beneficial for overall personal development; you’ll also stay out of trouble. High school and college clubs are a great way to foster enrichment, add resume-friendly activities and build strong community ties: a win-win for everyone involved!

Practice Abstinence: It’s 100% Effective!

There’s only one fool-proof method for avoiding sexually-transmitted diseases (STDs), becoming pregnant and other negative consequences stemming from sexual activity: abstinence. Condoms can work, but they fail nearly 20% of the time, according the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Have a Regular Dorm Night

It’s tempting to go out every night while you’re in college, but a proper balance between your social life and studies is essential. Plus, if you’re out most of the time, it’s harder to appreciate genuine social enjoyment. There’s nothing wrong with staying in a night or two per week!

Don’t Believe the “Safe Sex” Myth

Many students hear about how “safe sex” is an alternative to abstinence.  But that’s simply not the case. Condoms and hormonal birth control methods DO NOT prevent STDs or pregnancies; in fact, these two “safe sex” practices can actually increase the chance of getting an STD or becoming pregnant. Many unwed and underage pregnancies are from high school and college students, while thousands of new STD cases are diagnosed on a daily basis around the U.S.

For women students faced with a crisis pregnancy while in school, contact the Turning Point Pregnancy Resource Center. From free pregnancy tests and ultrasounds to one-on-one counseling, Turning Point is willing to help in any way possible. Please call our community-based pregnancy clinic today at 858-397-1970.