Pregnancy Care San Diego

Turning Point Provides Pregnancy Care in San Diego and Surrounding Areas

Our staff provides early pregnancy services and care in the San Diego area to fit your unique needs. Turning Point Pregnancy Resource Center offers professional, compassionate care, including:

Pregnancy Testing and Verification – have a lab-quality test performed and a medical professional will verify your test results.

Medical consultation & care – includes a nurse consultation and assessment; our pregnancy care center provides these services at no cost to you.

Early Pregnancy Ultrasound – The most accurate way to confirm your pregnancy and find out how far along you are.

Community Referrals – Our pregnancy care center support coaches meet with clients and develop a custom package of resources and support within the community that fits a client’s unique needs.

Connections Program – A program designed to connect women with support before, during, and after pregnancy. Support coaches can meet one-time with a client or have ongoing meetings to provide support, resources and counsel.

We provide practical, positive support for women with a newly discovered pregnancy. Turning Point provides care, without the cost.

Receive Early Pregnancy Care Today at the Turning Point Pregnancy Care Center

You read the results – a clear positive. We know what you’re thinking: “This can’t be happening to me.”

Don’t lose sleep wondering if you are really pregnant. Our clients call us after taking one home test or 10 home tests. We have medical-grade pregnancy tests at our clinic. We help clients get a peace of mind by setting an appointment to meet with a medical professional to verify their pregnancy. Your appointment with our medical professionals will be at no-cost to you.

We act as a first responder to your newly discovered pregnancy. It is not uncommon for our clinic to be the first place a client discusses their pregnancy. You will receive a consultation with our medical professionals who can answer your questions and concerns. You may be eligible for an ultrasound to help determine how far along you are in your pregnancy and if the pregnancy is viable. Turning Point will set you up with practical tools and support for early pregnancy care.

Women throughout San Diego County have used our pregnancy care service for years. Our caring & compassionate consultants deliver the one-on-one, woman-to-woman attention you need during this crucial time. Looking for an early pregnancy care clinic that welcomes all women, no matter their age, background or overall life situation? Call the Turning Point Pregnancy Resource Center today.