5 Tips on How to Handle an Unexpected Pregnancy

30 Sep, 2016




Pregnancy can be an emotional rollercoaster. Within a matter of months, your life will change forever. How will you react? Will your baby be healthy? And what about your family? How will they handle the upcoming changes?

So many questions, so few answers – and that’s with a regularly planned pregnancy!

Imagine all the turmoil, uncertainty, excitement and anxiousness surrounding a regular pregnancy. Multiply it by five, and you have a pretty good idea of how tumultuous an unexpected pregnancy can be!

An unexpected pregnancy presents a whole other set of challenges, and this blog post will review a few tips on how to handle the biggest hurdles in your way.

Unexpected Pregnancy Gameplan

Here are a handful of strategies to employ that will help get you through an unexpected, unplanned or crisis pregnancy.

  • Realize that it’s OK to be upset. An unexpected pregnancy might be the most challenging emotional experience that anyone can experience, bar none. So it’s OK to let your true emotions play out. Instead of suppressing all your anxiety and frustration, have a little “me time.” An unexpected pregnancy is difficult to manage at first, and there’s nothing wrong with admitting as much.
  • Don’t base your decision on someone else’s opinion. Aside from your own personal well-being, you might have a different decision than your partner, parents, friends, etc. For example, if the father says he’s not ready for fatherhood, it might be a reaction out of fear, uncertainty, financial pressures, etc. Emotions are heightened during a crisis and making decisions based on someone else’s emotions is probably not a wise choice.
  • Ask for help. Turning Point’s medical services, Next Steps program that identifies your needs and goal and equips you to fulfill them, plus our community connections can provide any woman with the necessary support to handle an unexpected pregnancy.
  • Assume the best. Pregnancy is an amazing journey, and the end result – a unique human being – is a miraculous experience. Motherhood can be the most rewarding, fascinating, character-building experience you’ll ever have. The “default” reaction for many women who’ve discovered they’re pregnant is: “Oh, no! I’ve really messed up!” Take the contrary approach, and imagine all the possibilities to come. To assume the best, you’ve got to think long-term, not just the immediate future.
  • Educate yourself. The more knowledge you have about pregnancy, the better off you’ll be in the long run. Brush up on pregnancy symptoms, what to expect during each trimester, and effective ways to handle the new experience of motherhood. Talk with your own mother, grandmother, aunt, friend or anyone else who has been through everything you’re about to encounter.

Turning Point’s compassionate counseling, attentive medical care and helpful programs can assist any women dealing with a crisis pregnancy. Don’t let an unexpected pregnancy control you; take control of your life and future and give us a call today at 858-397-1970. We look forward to helping you!