Continuing Education and Support Programs for Pregnant Teens, Young Adults and Children

07 Mar, 2016



Support Programs for Pregnant Teens

The Turning Point Pregnancy Resource Center provides internal programs to assist women in crisis pregnancies. Our Earn While You Learn (EWYL) service provides training, education and financial assistance. But EWYL is just one of many programs for women in San Diego County and throughout California.
Unexpected or crisis pregnancies are two principal reasons which deter women from pursuing higher education. A sudden pregnancy also presents upcoming challenges for daycare, health coverage and other pressing needs.
Which programs can help ease the transition for mother and child, both during and after the pregnancy? Here are a few support systems that mentor, educate, support and encourage women from pregnancy to motherhood.

Medi-Cal Access Infant Program
The Medi-Cal Access Infant Program assists tens of thousands of California women and children every year.
• Emergency services
• Paternity
• Newborn Care
• Breastfeeding Education
San Diego-area women and their families can apply for Medi-Cal Access Infant Program services online.
• $1 – average co-payment for doctor’s visit
• $2 – average drug prescription or refill cost
• 51% – children make up over half of all Medi-Cal recipients
• 7,000,000 – average monthly enrollment in Medi-Cal medical programs
• 75% – percentage of people still receiving Medi-Cal coverage after one year in program
Source: Medi-Cal Facts & Figures publication

Postpartum Support Group
Postpartum depression is a serious health issue for new mothers. The Pregnant / Postpartum Moms Support Group, run by a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. To join, visit their community page. The group currently supports about 40 women, but there is no maximum student enrollment – join today!
• About 1 in 8 mothers suffer postpartum issues
• $5 – lowest fee to join class (sliding scale)
• 90 minute sessions, once per month
Source: Pregnant / Postpartum Moms Support Group homepage

Women in Defense Horizons Scholarship
If you’re considering a career in the U.S. military or national defense, this scholarship can help offset college costs. The WID was established in 1979, and they have a long track record of assisting young mothers and pregnant women.
• $500 minimum for each scholarship
• 37-year track record of helping women and mothers with higher education
• More than 125 scholarships awarded since 1990
• Over $268,000 in scholarship money donated
• $20,000 – largest single scholarship awarded by WID Horizons program
Source: WID website

CalWORKS Insurance
Available for all California residents, the CalWORKS insurance program include
• cash aid,
• food assistance,
• medical services, cooking
• nutrition tips and more.
CalWORKS is accessed through CalWIN, California’s online benefit program. Young women can receive benefits while going to school for a new career.
• 174,000 – number of people enrolled in CalWORKS Welfare to Work program
• 2.3% of San Diego County residents receive benefits
• 7,700 – number of teen mothers receiving Cal-Learn educational assistance
Source: CalWorks Data page

First 5 First Steps Home Visiting Program
The First Steps initiative helps young mothers with children ages 0-3. Health-based services are available, along with mentoring and ongoing support. Run by First 5 San Diego, this program includes home visits, consultations to locate dependable medical care and other services.
Visit the Home Visiting Program website for contact information, how to apply and other information. The First Steps program assists about 90,000 San Diegans annually. Plus, they help approximately 12,000 children and 3,000 mothers in San Diego enroll in health insurance.
• 90,000 – number of San Diego County residents assisted
• 3,000 – number of mothers enrolled in health insurance
• 12,000 – number of children enrolled in health insurance
Source: First Steps statistics

Scholarships 4 Moms
This organization awards a $10,000 financial aid scholarship to single and married women who are pregnant or have children. Since 2005, Scholarships 4 Moms has awarded more than $800,000. Registration is fast and easy, and numerous women have benefitted – read their testimonials here.

• Over $800,000 – scholarship money awarded since 2005
• $10,000 – amount of financial aid scholarship
• $0 – cost of registration
Source: Scholarships 4 Moms statistics