How to Tell Your Boyfriend that You Are Pregnant

31 Mar, 2021


This boyfriend just found out his girlfriend was pregnant.


You just found out you’re pregnant and it’s time to tell your boyfriend the news. Regardless of what pregnancy outcome you’re considering, the idea of telling your boyfriend you’re pregnant has likely brought you some level of anxiety and stress. 

Whether you expect him to be angry, scared, or supportive, it can be a challenge to know how and when to share the news. If you’re feeling anxious about this conversation, you’re not alone!

Take some time to prepare for the conversation ahead of you with these simple tips for telling your boyfriend the news:

1.  Confirm the pregnancy through an ultrasound 

You’ve likely already taken an at-home pregnancy test, but did you know that pregnancy tests are just the first step in confirming your pregnancy? 

Once you receive a positive pregnancy test, we recommend scheduling an appointment at your local pregnancy medical clinic for a lab-quality pregnancy test and an ultrasound.

An ultrasound will help you and your doctor confirm a viable pregnancy — meaning one that won’t end on its own and has a likely chance of survival outside of the womb. It can also confirm there aren’t any immediate health conditions to be concerned about.

An ultrasound will also identify the location and age of your pregnancy. This provides important information about your pregnancy options.

Knowing these essential facts will help you frame the conversation with your boyfriend and give you both insight into the journey ahead of you, regardless of what you choose.

If you feel as though your boyfriend would like to join you for the ultrasound, we still recommend visiting us here at Turning Point to receive lab-quality pregnancy testing and chat with a client advocate before this important conversation.

2. Take time to process your emotions and thoughts about the pregnancy

Many women immediately rush to wondering what others will think about their pregnancies. However, it’s important to take time to consider how you feel, apart from the varying opinions of others.

Ask yourself: 

“What are my fears when it comes to this pregnancy?’
“What things am I feeling that aren’t helpful as I walk through this journey?”

“Is there anything that makes me excited about this pregnancy?”
“What does this mean for my future?”

As you begin to make a choice for this pregnancy, remember no matter what anyone says, you’re worthy, strong, and capable. It’s normal for your mind to be bombarded with negative thoughts of worry, fear, and anxiety, but it’s important to fight the shock of this news with reminders of who you are and what you’re capable of accomplishing.

3. Be thoughtful about when, where, and how you tell him 

Now that you’ve taken time to determine how you feel about your pregnancy, it’s time to tell your boyfriend the news. When planning to tell him, we recommend picking a time and location that allows you both to fully express your feelings and process the news together.

For example, instead of telling him when you’re about to walk into a party, set aside a generous amount of time for the two of you to talk in a private environment, like one of your houses.

This will give him time to process what you’re saying, ask any questions, and express his feelings about the situation.

4. Ask for his support

Unless you and your boyfriend have talked openly about your future plans for a family, it can be challenging to guess how he might react. 

Once you’ve both processed your feelings, we recommend that you openly express your desire for his support in your pregnancy decision.

If this news will be hard for him to hear, it’s important to remember that his initial reaction will likely be the strongest and most negative. However, he will likely quickly come to terms with the situation and find his place as a supportive partner.

5. Get advice from a client care advocate at your local pregnancy medical clinic  

If you’re still feeling nervous about the conversation ahead of you, we recommend getting advice from an outside party.  You may want to do this before you tell your boyfriend.

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