Parenting Styles for Pregnant Women to Consider: Why Involvement Matters

29 Nov, 2016



Parenting Styles

An unplanned or unexpected pregnancy creates both short-term and long-term anxiety. Women (especially young women – who suddenly face a surprise pregnancy must deal with immediate concerns, such as:

  • Determine gestation period
  • Communicate with family members
  • Implement optimal health habits

But there are those way-in-the-future considerations, too. But they’re not as far in the future as you’d think. One non-immediate concern for any pregnant woman and their spouse or partner is a simple, yet complicated question: “What kind of parent will I be?

Stay Involved – Parenting is a 24/7 Endeavor, But It’s Fun, Too!

While no two parenting styles are exactly the same, there are a few proven techniques that every successful parent follows. Through our experience in mentoring pregnant women and new mothers, these are the best ways to ensure children are given the best opportunity for a bright future:

Be a parent first, and friend second.

Young children require guidance, first and foremost. While it’s tempting to be a “buddy” to your child, remember that your #1 job as a parent is parenting. It sounds obvious, but needs to be stressed.

Set firm rules – and follow through with appropriate consequences.

Chores, on-time homework and other daily and weekly tasks are a great way for parents to offer crucial input and guidance. Whenever a rule is broken, be firm and resolute in carrying out punishment. But on the flip side, good parents also reinforce good behavior with rewards and incentives.

Don’t micromanage.

Try as many parents might, kids are bound to make mistakes. Yet the best way to help them learn through the ups and downs is to let them solve problems on their own. Put up guiderails; don’t grab the wheel every time your child appears to falter.

Offer daily encouragement.

Despite today’s busy schedules with work, school and extracurricular activities, parents should always “connect” with their kids for at least a few minutes per day, preferably more. Even a  5-minute discussion about their day can spur positive personal development. Children thrive on positive affirmation, so make sure you set aside time each day to answer questions, offer advice, and just tell them they’re loved!

Promote a healthy lifestyle.

While most kids aren’t crazy about broccoli, you can still try creative ways to cook healthy yet tasty meals. Exercise is important, too – sports and other activities foster development and help build strong bodies. And don’t forget about sleep. A growing child benefits greatly from a restful night’s sleep.

Roll with the punches.

As discussed above, no parent has ever raised a child without a few bumps and hiccups along the way. So don’t make mountains out of mole hills; learn to take each day as it comes, and realize that not everything is in your control. Come to grasp with this concept, and raising a child will be more rewarding, enjoyable and unforgettable than you ever imagined!


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