Unplanned Pregnancies – Relevant Statistics & Resources to Help

15 Oct, 2015



Unplanned Pregnancies Infographic

Unplanned Pregnancies – Relevant Statistics & Resources to Help [Infographic]

Unplanned pregnancies are a serious issue for women, with resounding impact for others involved – fathers, children, parents, grandparents and more. To grasp the full scale of the topic, let’s look at some rather staggering statistics – as you can see, unplanned pregnancies have most likely affected friends and relatives, and perhaps your immediate family.

Who is Affected by Unplanned Pregnancies?

Nearly 7 of every 10 pregnancies among unmarried women aged 20-29 are unplanned.

Among women of any age, about half of all pregnancies are unplanned.

With about 2,000 new pregnancies every day in the U.S., that means roughly 1,000 women learn of a surprise pregnancy on a daily basis.

Women who choose pregnancy are better equipped to handle the emotional and financial challenges of raising a child.

Unintended pregnancies are more common among women with lower education levels.

In 2014, there were almost 250,000 babies born to teenage mothers in the United States.

Resources for Women Involved in Unplanned Pregnancies

Given the unexpected and intensely personal news of an unplanned pregnancy, many women believe their options are limited. However, resources are available, particularly for women in San Diego County.

Turning Point Pregnancy Resource Center is a non-profit organization devoted to helping women facing an unplanned pregnancy. We offer hope, help and healing for women who have nowhere else to go. Our services include:

  • Medical services – pregnancy tests, nurse consultations & ultrasounds
  • Options counselling – personal and confidential conversations focused on the woman’s unique and individual situation.
  • Educational Programs– TPPRC has targeted initiatives to empower and educate women about pregnancy. We also have a new program called “Brothers in Arms,” which empowers fathers to take responsibility and become accountable in raising children.

For more information about Turning Point, please call our office at (858) 397-1970.


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