No-Cost Pregnancy Clinic in San Diego

An unplanned or unwanted pregnancy can be overwhelming for any woman and her family. Finding answers can be difficult, and sometimes even asking the right questions can be a challenge. In this time of doubt, frustration, and concern, you can find a welcome refuge in the storm at True Choice Medical Clinics. With a comprehensive selection of early pregnancy services and community-based programs, we’re proud to serve the women of San Diego County. Our pregnancy clinic in San Diego provides free medical services, counseling, mentorship programs, referrals and much more.

Pregnancy Testing/Verification

Before deciding what to do about an unplanned pregnancy, you must confirm that you are pregnant. The best way to confirm your pregnancy is to take a medical quality pregnancy test, followed up with a confidential ultrasound exam at True Choice Medical Clinics. We provide free medical-quality pregnancy tests with immediate results. At your appointment, you will be able to speak to a health professional about your medical questions.

Private Medical Assessment

You will meet with a medical professional who will verify your pregnancy, and conduct a confidential health assessment and consultation. During this visit, you will have an opportunity to discuss any medical concerns you have and any symptoms you are currently experiencing.

Limited Ultrasounds

If you’re considering having an abortion, it’s important to have an ultrasound before you decide. An ultrasound scan can accurately determine how far along in your pregnancy you are. This will, in turn, determine the type of abortion options available to you. Call us today for an appointment to determine if you qualify for a free limited ultrasound.

Pregnancy Options Counseling

Are you weighing your options? True Choice can help. We offer free and confidential options counseling to women who are unsure of their next steps. Learn more about adoption, parenting and abortion when you make your options counseling appointment today.

Reproductive Health Education

During this portion of your appointment, our patient advocate will review the options available to you, and discuss any issues you are currently facing. We want you to have all the information available so you can make an informed, educated decision, in a private and secure environment.

Limited STD Testing

If you’ve had unprotected sex, even once, you could be at risk of contracting an STI, or sexually transmitted infection. There are a variety of STIs, ranging from treatable to untreatable, some of which exhibit no symptoms. In fact, many STI symptoms resemble symptoms of other common ailments. That’s why it’s important to get tested as soon as possible after unprotected sex. Learn more about STI symptoms and treatment.

Decision-Making Tools

Following your initial appointment, you can choose to further explore your pregnancy decision with a follow-up appointment. With the guidance from one of our patient advocates, we will assist you in making a step-by-step roadmap designed to help you attain your goal, in practical, realistic terms, determined by you.

Mentorship Program for Guys

Our “Brother’s in Arms” mentorship program exists to equip fathers with practical skills through consistent and respectful instruction and engagement. The program includes:

  • Resources for job preparation, training, resume writing, etc.
  • Handling finances
  • Caring for children
  • Being a good partner

Learn more about our mentorship program for men and get involved today.

Reproductive Grief Counseling

Dealing with loss is never easy, especially when it comes to pregnancy. Our caring and compassionate staff at True Choice can help you begin the healing process after a recent abortion or miscarriage. Everyone experiences grief in different ways, but discussing your feelings can help ease some of the pain. Learn more about our Post-Abortion Counseling and Coping with Miscarriage program.

Support Services

If you choose to parent your child, we have resources to help you. Learn more about how our pregnancy classes can prepare you for birth and beyond, and how our parenting classes can help you become a successful, loving parent.

Community Referrals and Ongoing Support

You weren’t meant to do this on your own. That’s why we’re here to provide ongoing support throughout your pregnancy. Our caring staff will provide you with helpful community resources and referrals. True Choice’s network of local and county-wide support includes help with medical insurance, social service agencies, adoption agencies and other helpful organizations. We work directly with some of the most trusted programs for women facing an unplanned pregnancy.

Since we started serving the San Diego community in 2000, True Choice has helped many women with early pregnancy verification services, mentorship programs, crucial medical services and more. To learn more about our pregnancy services, or to have a confidential conversation with one of our pregnancy counselors, please contact us today. Your personal information will always remain private.