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Next Steps Mentoring Program

Many women face a gulf between themselves and quality, free pregnancy and parenting education. This knowledge gap shouldn’t exist – and for women in San Diego County, it doesn’t have to. All you have to do is call Turning Point Pregnancy Resource Center.

With targeted programs and services specifically designed to offer education about pregnancy and parenting, Turning Point also offers our unique, personalized service at no cost to you. Since opening in 2000, hundreds of women have received assistance with our pregnancy and parenting education initiatives.

Turning Point Pregnancy Resource Center is offering a case management program just for you.  We understand how complex and challenging life can be sometimes. NEXT STEPS can help you achieve your goal.  We offer strengths-based advocacy that’s practical and supportive. Your needs are important to us; we want to support you and see you succeed.


Weekly meetings with a case manager

Information about a variety of community resources

Help setting goals and creating action plans

This program is free of charge

We want you to know you are not alone. We care and are here to support you as you take your NEXT STEPS


Early Pregnancy Education, Mentorship And More

Access education materials. Get the help you need. Find refuge in the chaos. Pregnancy and parenting education may seem impossible to find, but Turning Point has the personalized woman- to-woman counsel you might be looking for. If you require early pregnancy and parenting education and lack the support elsewhere, Turning Point can assist you in any way possible.

Topics we discuss:

  • Early pregnancy education
  • What to expect during labor and birth
  • How to care for a newborn
  • How to be a successful parent

Need to speak with a confidential, compassionate voice that will listen to any questions, and can provide much-needed education and knowledge about your situation? Contact us today. Please note, your identification and personal information will remain totally confidential.