Don’t Become the STD Statistics!

01 Oct, 2019


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STD Statistics

Did you know that more than one million STIs are acquired daily worldwide?  Here are some more STD statistics:

Each year, there are an estimated 376 million new infections with 1 of 4 STIs: chlamydia, gonorrhea, syphilis and trichomoniasis. The importance of  accurate, accessible STI diagnostic testing without long appointment wait times, return appointments and delayed result reporting aids with early detection and treatment of STIs, especially asymptomatic cases before they cause further complications. In addition, the benefits of counseling and behavior modification help prevent future STIs as the community is empowered to become more engaged and proactive with their sexual health.

At Turning Point Pregnancy Resource Center, our medical team educates our patients on the signs, symptoms and treatment of certain STIs through a comprehensive health assessment and STI education handouts. We demonstrate that evidence-based education through pre and post STI counseling serves as the primary prevention of STIs and risks-reduction for  their overall sexual health. We empower them to participate in being the solution to their sexual health which builds a healthy rapport and encourages them to continue to reach out to us for continued counseling, sexual health education and care.

Laura’s Ultrasound

“Laura” (name changed for confidentiality) had previously been to TPPRC for an ultrasound. Laura stated she had a wonderful experience with our clinic and because she felt comfortable that her information was safe and confidential, she came back when she found out her partner was having sex with multiple people. Because of the education she received during her previous pregnancy, she knew to return as soon as possible to get tested knowing the risks associated with multiple partners. We scheduled an appointment immediately and the turn-around for her results was very prompt. Because of this, she had a favorable outcome. We reiterated the importance of STI testing and she was able to educate her partner. She told us to “continue offering your life-saving services!” Laura’s testimony reinforces how our evidence-based education empowers our patients to take control of their health, and encourage and educate their partners to do so as well.