Unplanned Pregnancy: What To Expect

San Diego Unplanned Pregnancy Services

You should know that an unintended pregnancy is a common shared experience for many women. You might not be in the perfect situation or the scenario you imagined when finding out you are pregnant. We understand that. Our clinic specializes in assisting real women, dealing with real-life situations.

You’re pregnant and it’s unplanned. You’re not sure what to expect with an early pregnancy. Let us help you through the initial shock. We are not here to judge your situation; we are here to provide important medical services, compassionate support and to plug you into resources that fit your unique situation.

So what can you expect when you walk in our doors? A warm, comfortable, welcoming atmosphere. Immediate, effective consultation for your unplanned pregnancy. Support, not judgment. Care, not a cold shoulder. Turning Point Pregnancy Resource Center is ready to help in any way possible. You will be offered a no-cost consultation with a medical professional to verify your pregnancy and get answers. You will meet with a support coach who is an expert in advocating for client’s needs. We have done our research and built relationships with other community-based organizations to get you plugged in with the resources and support for your unique situation.

You can also expect something maybe you didn’t anticipate with an unplanned pregnancy: to feel encouraged after leaving our clinic. We are a women’s clinic, founded by a woman, for women. Our staff believes that the women we serve are unique, special and deserving of good care. We also believe that women are strong and capable, able to rise to any occasion, especially with the right support.

Not Sure What to Expect with an Early Pregnancy?

That’s okay, we specialize in early pregnancy situations and services. Set up an appointment for a pregnancy test and verification. It’s an easy, no-cost place to start.

Our medical professionals are caring and knowledgeable. After your pregnancy test is verified, we can schedule a same-day consultation with our registered nurse and if appropriate, an ultrasound with a qualified sonographer.

Every client has questions or concerns about a newly discovered pregnancy. Our client advocates can mentor and assist you. They can also provide education and information about what pregnancy options are available. An early pregnancy can leave women with many questions, and not many answers; what should you expect? If you come to Turning Point Pregnancy Resource Center, expect the support you need and the resources that can make a difference.

Our clinic will provide you with referrals to set you up with next steps. Interested in finding out more, and what to expect during an early pregnancy? Contact Turning Point today.